Yum! New nut and seed butters

Health food company Meridian have something new for you…

Five additions to the nut and seed butters range which will, believe me, get some of us healthy nuts very excited.

cashew butter
Exploding with nutty excitement

Health conscious customers have been crying out for a variety affordable nut butters. So Meridian are responding with more versions including a sunflower seed butter, an almond butter and a cashew butter – both smooth or crunchy. That’s on top of other wholegrain butters like hazelnut, pumpkin seed and brazil nut!

As wholegrain foods all these spreads are 100% nuts or seeds and contain no added palm oil, sugar or salt.

If this posting doesn’t get you excited, then it’s okay, as long you understand that some people will be salivating right now…


Familiarise yourself with Organico’s speciality rice selection

Cultivated for your pleasure

I’ve said it before – the folk at Organico foods are impressive.

They always seem to bring quality, authenticity and and a sense of fairness to the table.

You are spoilt for choice with their range of organic Mediterannean foods, and now they’re offering a choice of speciality rice.

For example have you heard of Nerone Rice (or Black Rice)? By legend it is known as ‘Forbidden Rice’, because it was apparently reserved exclusively for the Chinese Emperor and his family (because of its nutritional and aphrodisiac properties!)

The wholegrain rice has a fragrant aroma and texture, best used for seafood or hearty vegetables mixes and casseroles.

Then there’s Essenza Rice. Essenza means ‘essence’ of fragrance. The aroma from the rice can be smelt even as its storks ripen in the field. As a long grain variety it is suitable for general cooking, especially with casseroles, sauces, curries or cold rice salad.

Organico’s Wild Red Rice is characterised by a tender, aromatic flavour which keeps longer after cooking. It is also rich in mineral salts, particularly selenium, antioxidants, iron and proteins and is easily digested – so it has gained a ‘superfood’ or ‘supergrain’ reputation.

Try this wholegrain rice with vegetable mixes, in a pilaf or with spicy and strongly flavoured dishes.

Finally, there’s Carnaroli Rice, the ‘king of risotti’. It’s regarded as the best risotto rice because the grain is compact and absorbs well without losing much of its starch. This means the rice draws in all the flavour of the ingredients and liquids but keeps its texture well.

Risottos are not difficult to make. The main thing to remember is do not boil the rice separately. But to help you Organico have also put together three quick and easy risotto meals using the Carnaroli grain:

Buon appetito!

Tips for cooking rice pasta

Amisa are doing it again.

The organic firm, famous for their healthy food for dietary needs, are now introducing a range of gluten free pastas. – Highly appropriate for Coeliac Awareness Week.

organic rice pasta
Tips on cooking rice pasta

First up there’s some appetising wholegrain rice fusilli and penne.

The trick with cooking rice pasta is to include some olive oil and salt in your water.

Then, when you add the pasta at boiling point, stir immediately to separate the pasta and keep stirring until the water is bubbling again. This stops the pasta sticking together.

After this turn the heat down to a simmer and stir every half a minute. Fortunately rice pasta cooks quickly so this won’t take long.

Finally, when you’ve finished cooking, drain the water off as soon as possible to prevent overcooking.

That’s it!

Amisa also have some golden corn and rice pastas in the form of fusilli, rigatoni and spaghetti. Fortunately, this cooks just the same way as normal rice pasta.


New gluten free cereals from Big Oz

It looks like Big Oz are feeling the crunch… in a good way.

The organic cereal company have always made soft supple cereals from alternative pure whole grains.

But now, in addition to Honey Pop Corn Puffs, or soft milled cereals like Quinoa Flakes or Buckwheat Flakes, there are now crispy flake versions of Big Oz’s gluten free grains to bring you an altogether crunchier experience.

big oz cereals
New organic toasted cereals

Contrary to popular belief Big Oz are not Australian are are actually a family run company from Sunbury on Thames (so their carbon footprint’s minimal). They’re also expert at making  free from cereals that are naturally low in fat and gluten free, and they’re very popular among coeliacs, so these new cereals are something to really rejoice in.

The new flavours are:

Healthy pizza – is it possible?

Healthy pizza is finally here
Healthy pizza is finally here!

If you are living, breathing member of the human race…

You are also likely to love pizza.

But, if you are a conscientious type of person, you may also be concerned all that white flour dough, oil and cheese  which can’t be so good for you.

So Whole Creations have gone and made the whole thing healthy for you.

If you want a full, delicious tasting pizza here it is. It comes with a nutritious thin wholemeal base made from 100% wholegrain and lots of vegetables on top to count towards your five a day – at least 2 or 3 on every pizza.

It’s low GI (the best way of losing weight) and makes a good source of protein with just the right amount of cheese. Best of all, it’s vegetarian and the taste is unique.

Choose from Roasted Vegetable, Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella, Mixed Pepper and Goats Cheese or Spinach, Ricotta and Tomato.

What is Spelt?

Spelt is an ancient grain that preceded wheat and has a higher nutritional value and mineral content – high in protein and Vitamins B and E. It is also digestible by some people with wheat allergies.
Spelt flour is not gluten-free.

Spelt is tasty and nutritious, it was one of the first grains to be grown by early farmers as long ago as 5000 BC. It is finding renewed popularity as it is natuarally high in fibre, versatile, and contains significantly more protein than wheat. It is also higher in simple and complex carbohydrates.

The Doves Farm Story

The Doves Farm story begins on our farm near Hungerford, at the heart of the Wessex Downs, where we have been growing organic cereals since 1978. Today we make great tasting bars, biscuits, cookies and a large range of speciality flours.

Bakery Products


Doves Farm are brand leaders in organic Fairtrade snack bars. Our flapjacks and cereal bars are made with organic ingredients, are Fairtrade certified and wheat free. Available as individual bars and in retail boxes of 5.


We manufacture organic sweet and savoury wheat and gluten free cookies using the traditional wire cut method, baking them in a revolving rack oven. Fairtrade certified. BISCUITS Traditional organic wholegrain Digestives and Fruity Oat Biscuits.


Fairtrade organic Gourmet waffles in two delicious varieties CEREALS Several great tasting organic cereals are available, two of which are gluten free.


For adding straight into the dough our Quick Yeast is very easy to use in domestic and commercial situations. bakery products


The UK’s largest range of organic and speciality flours are available in both pre-packs and sacks. The traditional organic flour range includes wholemeal and white varieties of bread, cake and all purpose flours. As brand leaders in organic flour, we also produce a range of stoneground mixed grain flours.


Extensive range of speciality, and gourmet flours, available in sacks and mini bulk for commercial bakeries and industrial users.


Dedicated milling equipment is used for the production of a range of gluten free and wheat free flours. A specially formulated flour blend can be used to replace wheat flour. flour


There are many issues and aspects of food production and manufacture that we have carefully considered to create the Doves Farm philosophy.

These are our guiding principles.

  • Focus on good tasting quality foods
  • Support sustainable organic agriculture
  • Choose nutritionally sound ingredients
  • Source Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible
  • Employ honest processing, avoiding over refinement
  • Provide full details of all ingredients on product labels
  • Avoid added nutrients, enzymes & GM material
  • Nurture ethical partnerships with suppliers & customers
  • Ensure our workforce is suitably trained and equipped
  • Support community and cultural initiatives
  • Doves Farm