New vegan superfood seasonings (salt and pepper seems boring by comparison)

Inspiral seasonings
A whole new vegan angle on seasoning

How do I say this?

Meat-eaters are a tad boring! (I am one…)

The trouble is that meat can dominate our view of food, leading us to forget what other amazing tastes there are out there.

Living with a vegetarian soon reveals how interesting and delicious vegetarian food can be.

It’s not just variety and nutrition available, it’s their innovation too – I get the feeling that being a carnivore is old news…

Inspiral, for example, have been working on new vegan condiments which will spice up a salad or add crunch to roasted foods. Something much more than our usual salt and pepper (and gluten free too).

Their Superfood Salad Sprinkles use kale as their base with all its mineral nutrients and antioxidants, but then takes the seasoning a whole step further…

ThePizzeria‘ version of the sprinkles draw on Italian herbs and a combination of onion and deactivated nutritional yeast to evoke the flavour of pizza. Added to this are the more exotic flavours of baobab, sumac and cashew nut.

Furikake‘ sprinkles stir up Japanese tastes mixing nori seaweed with wheatgrass, sesame seeds and wasabi ingredients.

If you like hot flavours, ‘Mexicana‘ sprinkles are a paprika and chilli medley with purple corn, cumin and garlic.

(As I sit beside my partner with my meat and two veg, I do my best not to feel insecure.)



The easiest organic garden (you don’t even need to leave home)

Get fresh with organic seeds
Get fresh with organic seeds

Here’s an easy way to get into organic gardening.

It’s so easy you don’t have to leave the house.

All you need is a kitchen window.

Growing nutritious organic food at home can be economical and doesn’t have to be hard work. You can simply sprout seeds on your window sill and they go wonderfully in sandwiches or salads, with wraps, on bagels or in soups and stir fries.

You can plant beans, grains or lentils and watch them grow into life. Aconbury are a sprouting company who provide a Sprouting Kit with a sprouting jar, instructions and numerous seeds and beans so it’s easy to start.

The Aconbury Sprouting Kit
The Aconbury Sprouting Kit

What’s more, because they’ve begun to grow, the seeds are just bursting with life so you eat them when they’re packed full of nutrients and enzymes. Try healthy sprouts like wheatgrass, red clover, radish, lentil, adzuki, pumpkin or sunflower. (You can also buy sprouted seeds ready to eat if you don’t fancy growing them yourself.)

Aconbury have been sprouting for over 25 years, all their seed is tested so you can be confident that the seed you receive will have good germination, is clean and safe for sprouting and is 100% organic.

Superfood crips from the Inspiral cafe (dried not fried)

If you’ve been to the Glastonbury festival lately you’ll have come across ID Spiral, an artistic experience of food and music. It’s evolved into the Camden cafe ‘Inspiral‘ and now they’re making their amazing vegan treats for you.

Introducing their artisan yet raw crackers called Crackits – sumptuous, crunchie and yet crumbly like any baked cracker. But these are from raw almonds, flax and chia seeds, soaked and sprouted to release the goodness of bursting seeds and nuts.

Reishi Crackits with Mushroom, Onion, Black Pepper & Herbs.
Hoshou Crackits with Wasabi, Arame & Spirulina.
Ginseng Crackits with Mexican Chilli & Raw Cacao.

Each variety of cracker is enhanced with special tonic herbs and superfoods for your ultimate wellbeing.

But the joy doesn’t end there. They’ve combined the addictiveness of crisps with the nutrition of kale to produce delicious and crunchy Raw Kale Chips. Far healthier than fried potato chips, this nutritious raw snack is made from dehydrated organic kale, and seasoned with superfoods.

Inspiral Wasabi & Wheat Grass Kale Chips
Inspiral Cheesie Purple Corn Kale Chips
Inspiral Baobab & Onion Kale Chips

Fantastically crispy, highly addictive and so good for you.

All the benefits of wheatgrass in a bottle

Don’t you love it when some clever fella invents something to take all the hard work out of an issue? Over in Germany a drink is currently being developing which is high in Omega 3, that means people who cannot consume fish (like me) will have another rich source of this essential fatty acid.

Wheatgrass Cocktail
Wheatgrass Cocktail

It’s tenuous to connect this breakthrough with Rabenhorst’s array of healthy drinks, but I hope they take on the idea.

Already the producers of organic drinks of cherry, cranberry, beetroot and prune juice, the traditional company are now making a wheatgrass drink. That means you can get all the benefits of wheatgrass: purer blood, less toxins, less eczema and psoriasis, improved digestion and lower blood-pressure – all in a cup without having to squeeze the wheatgrass yourself – and they’ve mixed in green-tea and spirulina for a delicious healthy breakfast drink.

Rabenhorst have been producing quality fruit juices for over 200 years and last year won an international award for innovation in beverages.