Have you tried wood smoked houmous – it’s sooo much nicer

There are so many ways to use houmous. 

Whether you dunk it as a dip, spread on some bread, or add to a sauce, it can always be relied upon to pack a punchy flavour to an otherwise drab snack.

But, with so much choice on the market it can be difficult to find one which stands out from the crowd…

Well, don’t tell anyone, but I think I may have found one that offers a different experience but still has that underlying savoury kick of a good traditional humous.

More than delicious…

Try Moorish (by name, and moreish by nature) and you will not be disappointed. One taste is an explosion of flavours.

They offer 3 tantalisingly tasty smoked versions of houmous: Original, Lemon & Dill and a fiery Chilli Harissa.

Each is one is generously flavoured but not too bulked out with oil which means they’re also a lower fat alternative to traditional humous.

New vegan superfood seasonings (salt and pepper seems boring by comparison)

Inspiral seasonings
A whole new vegan angle on seasoning

How do I say this?

Meat-eaters are a tad boring! (I am one…)

The trouble is that meat can dominate our view of food, leading us to forget what other amazing tastes there are out there.

Living with a vegetarian soon reveals how interesting and delicious vegetarian food can be.

It’s not just variety and nutrition available, it’s their innovation too – I get the feeling that being a carnivore is old news…

Inspiral, for example, have been working on new vegan condiments which will spice up a salad or add crunch to roasted foods. Something much more than our usual salt and pepper (and gluten free too).

Their Superfood Salad Sprinkles use kale as their base with all its mineral nutrients and antioxidants, but then takes the seasoning a whole step further…

ThePizzeria‘ version of the sprinkles draw on Italian herbs and a combination of onion and deactivated nutritional yeast to evoke the flavour of pizza. Added to this are the more exotic flavours of baobab, sumac and cashew nut.

Furikake‘ sprinkles stir up Japanese tastes mixing nori seaweed with wheatgrass, sesame seeds and wasabi ingredients.

If you like hot flavours, ‘Mexicana‘ sprinkles are a paprika and chilli medley with purple corn, cumin and garlic.

(As I sit beside my partner with my meat and two veg, I do my best not to feel insecure.)


Easy vegetarian meals from Granovita

vegetarian meal
Quick vegetarian meals

If you’re just starting out as a vegetarian then it’s pretty useful to have some familiar foods to eat.

How about reaching for a tin of vegetarian hot dogs or meatballs?

Or there’s a vegetarian hotpot to get you through the last days of winter.

Granovita have a wide selection of tasty tinned foods to try, all easy to make and so great for a quick meal.

For inspiration you could experiment with a recipe for a Thai Style Nut Luncheon or a Vegan Mock Duck Mayonnaise. There’s plenty more recipes on their website and you’ll find GoodnessDirect has lots more Granovita goods on their shelves.

Eat Natural photos by lots of devoted snack bar fans


It seems folk can’t get enough of the Eat Natural bars.

There’s lots of fan photos out there.

It’s not so surprising considering all those natural ingredients they insist on using.

And with flavours like Vanilla, Plum & Peanut or Almond, Apricot & Yoghurt it’s a wonder they’re not even more well known.

Thankfully, there’s loads of flavours available from GoodnessDirect, and most likely lots more photos of empty wrappers.


Vegetarian food that’s so nutitious, it’s worth shouting about

Some food makers are pretty humble.

Take Tivall, founded on a Kibutz back in the 80s…

Not only have they become one of the world’s leading vegetarian food manufacturers, they let supermarkets rebrand their meat-free schnitzels, frankfurters and nuggets as their own.

Tivall vegetarian sausages
Vegetarian and nutritious

Pretty humble huh?

But all this humility does mean that not as many people have heard about Tivall as should have. They do, after all, invest a lot of research into the nutritional value of their products.

Tivall soya based foods are an excellent source of whole proteins (important for vegetarians) and complex carbohydrates, and contain all the crucial nutrients, vitamins and minerals; plus, as convenience foods, they are quick and easy to prepare. Not only that, they also  have no artificial preservatives or colourings and are made with no hydrogenated fats.

I think that makes all their nutritious vegetarian foods worth shouting about a lot more.

We all need omega oils. How do vegans get theirs?

We all know we need omega oils in our diets, but how do vegans get it?

Omega fatty acids are important for every cell in the body so a diet rich in the right balance of omega oils is going to mean a healthier you.

The right balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 is crucial. In the western diet we get too much omega 6 but not enough omega 3 – both are needed to support the heart, eyes and brain.

Vegan Omega Oils 3 6 9
Vegan friendly omega oils

Tricky for vegans and vegetarians

But if it’s difficult for most Westerners, with fish being the best source of omega oils, it’s even more tricky for those who don’t eat any meat.

Granovita, a vegetarian food company, offer a solution in an Organic Omega Oil Blend. It contains the ideal ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

As a mix of flax oil, hemp oil, sesame oil, pumpkin oil and evening primrose oil, you can use it as an alternative to vegetable oil or olive oil, particularly for drizzling on salads, potatoes and soups.

One final point however, while I believe organic foods are more nutritious and beter for the environment, my own research hasn’t identified any direct benefit of organically sourced omega oils. So if anyone has any information on this I’d be interested to know?

Healthy pizza – is it possible?

Healthy pizza is finally here
Healthy pizza is finally here!

If you are living, breathing member of the human race…

You are also likely to love pizza.

But, if you are a conscientious type of person, you may also be concerned all that white flour dough, oil and cheese  which can’t be so good for you.

So Whole Creations have gone and made the whole thing healthy for you.

If you want a full, delicious tasting pizza here it is. It comes with a nutritious thin wholemeal base made from 100% wholegrain and lots of vegetables on top to count towards your five a day – at least 2 or 3 on every pizza.

It’s low GI (the best way of losing weight) and makes a good source of protein with just the right amount of cheese. Best of all, it’s vegetarian and the taste is unique.

Choose from Roasted Vegetable, Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella, Mixed Pepper and Goats Cheese or Spinach, Ricotta and Tomato.