Back once more, a Booja Booja Easter

Booja Booja are a best selling brand at GoodnessDirect. With 57 awards over 14 years it’s not surprising.

Booja Booja Easter
Enjoy a dairy-free Easter

Their vegan and gluten free chocolate truffles may just be the best thing you’ve ever had at Easter.

Booja Booja’s remarkable truffles are lovingly packed into the beautifly hand crafted iconic egg boxes. These gorgeous boxes are individually designed, crafted and painted by hand in Kashmir, giving trade to the now thriving community out there. Each egg is decorated using a traditional Kashmmir pattern. The vibrant colours with iconic gold outlines is stunningly eye-catching and because they are painted by hand each one is totally unique!

The eggs come in large and small sizes with different flavoured chocolate truffles, so here they are:

After Midnight Espresso
Hazelnut Crunch
Stem Ginger
Rum Sozzled Sultana

Love with a full heart or not at all…

I feel all a-flutter with thoughts of love.

I just read the world’s oldest Valentine’s letter which dates back to February the 14th in 1477 and was written in a Norfolk village by a lady to her man:

She writes:

…My right well-beloved valentine, I recommend me unto you full heartedly, desiring to hear of your welfare… I am not in good health of body nor of heart, nor shall I be till I hear from you.

…And if my friends say that I do amiss, they shall not stop me from doing so… My heart me bids evermore to love you truly over all earthly things….

…And I beseech you that this [letter] be not seen by any non earthly creature save only yourself.

It only proves that whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, do it with a full heart or not at all.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, just meaningful, memorable and as mushy as possible.

(But, if you’re a man inclined to procrastinate, it pays to plan ahead…)

Montezuma's Valentine Chocolates
Montezuma’s… as long as you mean it

Montezuma’s Chocolate make Limited Edition Truffles especially for Valentine’s Day. I love their sweet little 4 truffle box, but there’s also a larger 16 truffle box which chocolate lovers will truly appreciate.

If you are inclined to forget dates, perhaps it pays to order one now.

Booja Booja – for Easter Eggs with a difference

If you’re looking for an Easter egg with a difference you’ll be impressed by Booja Booja.

Made by a small Norfolk company, the eggs are exquisitely painted wooden shells. But it’s what’s inside that really causes a stir…

Cushioned in velvet within you’ll find handmade chocolate truffles, prepared without dairy or gluten, and tasting like a dream, whatever your palate.

Booja Booja offer a choice of small and large eggs and the truffles come in six wondrous flavours.

An Easter Egg to treasure

■ Around Midnight Espresso
■ Banoffee Toffee
■ Hazelnut Crunch
■ Champagne Truffle
■ Rum Sozzled Sultana
■ Stem Ginger Truffle
(See the whole Booja Booja range at GoodnessDirect)

If you’re thinking ethically about Easter (which you should be*) then it’s good to know that Booja Booja import their cocoa from a family run firm in Ecuador, all the ingredients are organic and suitable for vegans. The eggshells themselves are also sustainably made by a community of artists from the troubled Kashmir region – and you can reuse the shell as a keepsafe for your trinkets and your memories.

* There is a great deal of concern over the use of child labour in much of the cocoa imported from West Africa. To learn more visit 10 campaign  and consider buying ethically sourced chocolate such as Fairtrade.

Win a box of Plush chocolates – gluten free and luscious

Win a box of Plush chocolates
Win a box of Plush chocolates

I know that you’ve been making an effort to save those pounds…

But I’m afraid I’ve got something a bit too tempting for you.

Maybe you’ll forgive me when I tell you it’s a chance to win a box of Plush Rum Truffles. I’ve got 10 boxes to give away!

Plush chocolates are fairtrade and gluten-free and indescribably luscious.

All you need to do to enter is email me with your name and address and I’ll put your name in the hat. Competition closes on 29/7/10.

Chocolate Orange Truffles

  • No added sugar
  • Gluten and wheat free
  • Low GI and GL

Ready in 2 hours including chilling time

Makes 6 – 8 truffles

  • 40g ground almonds or cashews
  • 40g smooth unsalted peanut butter
  • 3 tbsp Sweet Freedom 
  • 40g Willie’s Venezuelan Black (100% Pure Cacao), melted or the darkest chocolate you can find which will have a small amount of sugar in.
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • zest of 1 orange
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder for dusting


  1. Place all ingredients except the cocoa powder in a food processor and pulse until smooth
  2. Roll into 3/4 inch balls
  3. Sprinkle the cocoa powder onto a plate and roll each truffle to coat
  4. Chill in fridge for two hours prior to serving