Did you know you can get smoked salt?

Smoked salt adds a fascinating extra flavour to food. The smoky taste brings a sophistication to your meals. Chef’s recommend it be used with shellfish and  on meats, in marinades and soups.

But where do you get it?

Malson Smoked Salt
Malson Smoked Salt

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Maldon Salt? The Queen seems to like it. It’s one of the few salt producers in the country, but it is loved by gourmet chefs. In addition to their globally popular Sea Salt, they produce a Smoked Sea Salt and, obviously, import the finest Black Peppercorns as well.

But it’s the salt that makes Maldon famous. Manufactured in a time honoured tradition and produced at the highest quality, it is loved by top chefs such as Delia Smith and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.


Mad on crisps… You will be

Some people are mad on crisps.

Brown Bag Crisps - the flavour sings out
Brown Bag Crisps - the flavour sings out

Some, even spend hours in the kitchen, working into the night to create the perfect crisp. But they are justified when they start winning awards for their flavours.

Crispmakers, for example, like Phil Lambe of Brown Bag Crisps, who has reinvented the crisp by gently hand cooking it in pure olive oil (the only crisps of their kind in the UK). The result is a fabulous, non-greasy crisp where the flavour of the potato really comes out. And, because purity is everything, Brown Bag Crisps have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives giving you crisps of unrivalled quality.

There are:
Lightly Salted Crisps – a pioneering flavour
Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar – with a great fish & chip shop taste
Oak Smoked Chilli – not for the light hearted
Sea Salt & Black Pepper – a warming tast sensation
Mature Cheddar, Manchego & Onion – this favourite comes with a twist

Cheese & Crackers – just traditional and tasty

I’m sure every house has its traditions.

In my house at Christmas time, there was a Christmas breakfast, an open fire, a boiled leg of ham, erm.. my brother playing Christmas records, and the boxes of crackers and biscuits served in the evening.

Not to mention the ominous supply of brazil nuts, dates and satsumas – well, as a kid you just don’t really ‘get’ healthy foods do you?

But I’ve just seen some of Crazy Jack’s latest organic ideas, and yes, it includes a box of dates and several varieties of crackers and biscuits. The memories come flooding back. I’m sure Crazy Jack would have done my mum proud.

Actually, I have to admit it myself, the crackers do look pretty irresistable. We’re talking about Cranberry Biscuits and Ginger Biscuits. Also, Rosemary & Sea Salt Crackers or Cracked Black Pepper & Sea Salt Crackers, and others besides, all vegetarian.

Perfect to serve with a delicious cheese board (which gives me a good moment to mention Calon Wen’s amazing organic Welsh Cheddar and vegetarian Armel cheese, and Simon Weaver’s organic Bries from the Cotswolds – both companies make really outstanding cheese).

In the interests of fairness you might like to know that Nairn’s also do an appetising cracker and biscuit selection which is also suitable if you’re vegetarian.

The genius behind Crazy Jack is that they champion all foods organic, whilst Nairn’s specialise in oat based baked goods such as the tasty Oaty Bakes or Oat Biscuits with Dark Chocolate Chips.

I’ll leave you to decide which variety of cracker you prefer. Most of you will probably like either but, for just some of you, there might be a flavour which has all the appeal of someone playing White Christmas first thing in the morning.

Himalayan Salt

Throughout the Himalayas we have found layers of ancient sea salt.

Other items of interest

Millions of years ago the energy of the sun dried up areas of the sea leaving layers of salt. This salt has been exposed to enormous pressure inside the earth, which caused it’s special formation, natural crystal salt. The higher the pressure, the more perfect the crystalline structure becomes. Never having been subject to pollution natural crystal salt remains pure. This is called sole (so-lay) or brine. Contrary to stone salt, the minerals and trace elements in Himalayan Alexander crystal salt are bound in colloid form, which can be absorbed and assimilated into our body immediately.

Sodium chloride is essential for digestion and respiration.

“Without sodium, which the body cannot manufacture, the body would be unable to transport nutrients or oxygen, transmit nerve impulses, or move muscles, including the heart,” says Mark Kurlansky, in Salt @ A World History

Human blood is around 0.9% salt, and about 0.25% of our total body weight is salt. The original Himalayan crystal salt comes from the salt mine of Alexander The Great in Karakurm/Kashmir, Pakistan and has supreme bio-energetic qualities. It has been prepared using traditional methods such as breaking the rocks by hand, mined in an exclusive, protected mountain area.

It is very important to keep the vibration pattern in the crystal salt intact and after breaking the rocks by hand, sorting, washing in sole and drying in the sun to preserve the energy. Pure Himalayan crystal salt has a pinkish colour even when finally granulated.

The benefits of using this salt are numerous including increasing your pH into alkalinity, hay fever, asthma attacks, digestion problems, enhanced immune system, increased alertness & work productivity, concentration, lung capacity and reduced susceptibility to colds and flu, increasing your vibration called bovis, relief from sinus, migraine, headache, allergies. Imagine all those benefits with absolutely no negative side effects and from a substance from Mother Nature itself !

Unfortunately many mainly profit oriented companies are mining the rocks in a commercial manner by blasting and using metal equipment which destroys the true holographic memory within the salt crystal and therefore deminishing the effectiveness. The crystal salt is available as rocks, coarse or fine table salt, with organic dry vegetables or herbs, bath salt, salt rock lamps and tea lights.

Did you know that for example this crystal salt:

  • Can displace an energy deficit and restore balance
  • Without the elements of potassium and sodium found in crystal salt, we could neither think or act
  • It contains the entire spectrum of frequency patterns of elements found in the human body
  • It contains all the minerals and trace elements of which the body is made
  • Water and salt, in combination with light, can built proteins
  • Salt used to be more valuable than gold and was used as a form of payment
  • Our blood is 1% sole solution to the salt concentration of the primal oceans
  • The poor condition of our drinking water must be seen as one of the foremost causes for the dramatic increase of disease
  • The best drinking water for us is pure, natural spring and artesian well water
  • Fresh spring water is free of germs and bacteria due to its crystalline structure

Himalayan Crystal Salt – Chemical Analysis

1. Aluminium (Al) 0.45 ppm 2. Antimony (Sb) 2.27 ppm 3. Arsenic (As) <0.5 ppm
4. Barium (Ba) 0.18 ppm 5. Beryllium (Be) <0.1 ppm 6. Bismuth (Bl <0.1 ppm
7. Boron (B) <0.1 ppm 8. Bromine (Br) 4.76 ppm 9. Cadmium (Cd) 0.13 ppm
10. Calcium (Ca) 1380 ppm 11. Carbon (C) 68.0 ppm 12. Cerium (Ce) 1.87 ppm
13. Caesium (Cs) 0.82 ppm 14. Chloride (Cl) 598,000 ppm 15. Chromium (Cr) 0.191 ppm
16. Cobalt (Co) <0.1 ppm 17. Copper (Cu) 0.69 ppm 18. Dysprosium (Dy) <0.1 ppm
19. Erbium (Er) 0.219 ppm 20. Europium (Eu) <0.1 ppm 21. Fluoride (F) 7.22 ppm
22. Gadolinium (Gd) 1.72 ppm 23. Gallium (Ga) 1.65 ppm 24. Germanium (Ge) 0.39 ppm
25. Gold (Au) <0.1 ppm 26. Hafnium (Hf) <0.1 ppm 27. Holmium (Ho) <0.1 ppm
28. Indium (In) <0.1 ppm 29. Iodine ( I ) 1.42 ppm 30. Iridium (Ir) <0.05 ppm
31. Iron (Fe) 14.2 ppm 32. Lanthanum (La) <0.1 ppm 33. Lead (Pb) 0.07 ppm
34. Lithium (Li) 0.59 ppm 35. Lutetium (Lu) <0.1 ppm 36. Magnesium (Mg) 20,100 ppm
37. Manganese (Ma) <0.1 ppm 38. Mercury (Hg) <0.02 ppm 39. Molybdenum (Mo) <0.1 ppm
40 Neodymium (Nd) <0.1 ppm 41. Nickel (Ni) <0.1 ppm 42. Niobium (Nb) <0.1 ppm
43. Osmium (Os <0.05 ppm 44. Palladium (Pd <0.05 ppm 45. Phosphorus (P) <0.5 ppm
46. Platinum (Pt) <0.05 ppm 47. Potassium (K) 2900 ppm 48. Praseodymium (Pr) 0.19 ppm
49. Rhenium (Re) <0.1 ppm 50. Rhodium (Rh) <0.05 ppm 51. Rubidium (Rb) 7.99 ppm
52. Ruthenium (Ru) <0.1 ppm 53. Samarium (Sm) 3.87 ppm 54. Scandium (Sc) <0.1 ppm
55. Selenium (Se) <0.05 ppm 56. Silicon (Si) 10.7 ppm 57. Silver (Ag) 0.063 ppm
58. Sodium (Na) 374,000 ppm 59. Strontium (Sr) 6.98 ppm 60. Sulfur (S) 1680 ppm
61. Tantalum (Ta) 0.53 ppm 62. Tellurium (Te) <0.1 ppm 63. Terbium (Tb) <0.1 ppm
64. Thallium (Tl) 0.69 ppm 65. Thorium (Th) <0.1 ppm 66. Thulium (Tm) <0.1 ppm
67. Tin (Sn) <0.1 ppm 68. Titanium (Ti) 0.38 ppm 69. Tungsten (W) <0.1 ppm
70. Vanadium (V) 8.78 ppm 71. Ytterbium (Yb) <0.05 ppm 72. Yttrium (Y) <0.05 ppm
73. Zinc (Zu) 4.92 ppm 74. Zirconium (Zr) 0.48 ppm

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