It seems that pomegranate juice has just been made even healthier

Ten years ago Pomegranate juice came to the UK.

The juice promised a healthy boost in problem areas weight loss, blood pressure, heart and kidney disease and Alzheimer’s, and has been the subject of numerous news reports.

It was all thought to be due to the antioxidants in pomegranates.

Now Pomegreat have taken a step further by harvesting the benefits of not only the juice but the whole fruit. This results in even more antioxidants, in particular an antioxidant called punicalagin.

So now Pomegreat have a new ingredient they call PurePlus which is the extract of the whole pomegranate. The benefits? I’ll quote from their site:

A new pomegranate juice that uses the whole fruit
A new pomegranate juice that uses the whole fruit

Regular consumption of PomeGreat® PurePlus™ has shown positive results relating to cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol, and antioxidant benefits.

Pomegranates have been the subject of a great deal of promising scientific investigation in recent years, but we have yet to fully understand all the beneficial properties locked in the skin, pith and husk of the fruit. The initial results of our research are extremely promising. The extract is looking like a veritable fountain of youth.

It remains to be seen exactly how PurePlus will help, but it is already available from GoodnessDirect in 3 flavours: Pomegranate with Beetroot, with Blueberry or with Cherry.

Perhaps it’s your chance to become part of the experiment and see how Pomegranate PurePlus works for you? I’d be most intrigued to know.

The best of the world’s superfoods in your hand

Nature. It still offers us the best for our health.

But as much as we try to improve it, we can’t replace it.

That’s why we’ve woken up to the power of superfoods. Natural health elixirs which provide for our bodies in dynamic, indispensable ways.

There are so many to mention and we’re discovering more all the time: Saffron, Pomegranate, Goji, Buckthorn to name a few.

It seems like there are too many to keep up with. What about recent developments we might not have heard of? Like Reishi or Steviana?

Well a brand, under the name of Superfoods, is taking the best of nature’s high quality ingredients and providing them as supplements for your needs which hopefully means you can get your hands on what you want, when you want it.

They have a massive list and GoodnessDirect are beginning to stock them up, so keep your eye on Superfoods and watch the list grow.

Bathe in pomegranates for a night of love (well almost)

I have a love affair with pomegranates. Most of humanity has. They keep popping up in folklore stretching back to the beginning of time.

But then it’s not surprising… Pomegranate is reputed to be very helpful for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis and sunburn and, when it comes to hair, pomegranate oil will transform lifeless locks to give them a radiant healthy looking sheen.

Anti-oxidant rich body and hair treatment
Pomegranates: for anti-oxidant rich body and hair treatment

All of which explains why Faith In Nature, producers of natural and vegan beauty products, combine Pomegranate with the antioxidant properties of Rooibos for its latest set of bath foam, shampoo and conditioner.

They say, “The result is gentle, yet effective formulations that are environmentally responsible and free from parabens, SLES and other nasties too.”

Pomegranate is also known for encouraging love, so the range might be the perfect thing to use just before that all important date.

‘Drinking pomegranate juice can make you love your job!’

Take 60 workers and get them to drink 1/2 a litre of pomegranate juice every day for a fortnight. Then ask them if they enjoy work more?

The answer: Yes! Nearly everyone said life felt better. They were more active, enthusiastic and pleased with their work. The responses indicated they were less stressed too.

Drinking pomegranate juice can make you more active at work
Drinking pomegranate juice can make you more active at work

No wonder pomegranate used to be hailed as the forbidden fruit of lovers if this is what it does.

But loving your job?

Okay so, physically, the workers’ pulse rates had actually reduced…

But given that lower pulse rates are seen as a sign of health, this latest report will still add to the range of benefits which a drink of antioxidant pomegranate offers: help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, less risk of heart and kidney disease or Alzheimer’s too. And scientists are still looking into the benefits of pomegranate juice with cancer.

To choose from a range of pomegranate juices take a look at GoodnessDirect.

If you need oily fish for Omega 3 where do vegans stand?

With all this advice about Omega 3 and eating oily fish, where do vegetarians and vegans stand?

Well, given that the recommended dose of Omega 3 is 4g a day, you only need about a tablespoon of Flax Seed (Linseed) Oil per day to be doing well.

Bu the other thing you need to do is cut down on regular oils such as sunflower or corn oil as the high Omega 6 in these oils knocks out the work of Omega 3. Fats higher in monounsaturated fat, such as olive or rape seed oil are more suitable.

There are many ways to enjoy healthy oil
There are many ways to enjoy healthy oil

But isn’t a tablespoon still quite a lot? Well it goes really nicely with cereal, yoghurt or ice cream, and you can always drizzle it over salad or rice, pasta or potatoes. The important thing is that you don’t cook it as that destroys the beneficial fats.

Redwood, an award winning company which makes lots of vegan and vegetarian foods, has bottled Flax, Hemp and Seed Oil to provide you with the goodness you need. Flaxseed is one of the richest sources of Omega 3, while Hemp offers both Omega 3 and 6 at the perfect ratio. Hemp also provides Vitamin E and A and a range of minerals.

Redwood’s Seed Oil amazingly combines flax, sesame, pumpkin, borage, wheatgerm, pomegranate and seabuckthorn for all their nutritious properties – far too many to mention here in brief!

Other options for Omega 3 are green vegetables, tofu and walnuts, so with a bit of flaxseed in your diet, you really have nothing to worry about. The provision of Omega 3 isn’t quite so high in these, but they still make good sources of this brain enriching nutrient.

Lose the extra fat with pomegranate juice – new discovery

Drinking pomegranate juice for one month may reduce middle aged spread.

If you want to deflate that spare tyre and get rid of the extra flab a bottle of pomegranate juice every day could be the help you need.

An Edinburgh University research group found that volunteers who drank a daily dose of half a litre of pomegranate juice were less likely to develop fatty cells around their abdomen.

Pomegranate juice could help shift those pounds
Pomegranate juice could help shift those pounds

They also had much lower blood pressure, therefore reducing their risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease. 500ml of pomegranate may also lead to a reduced likelihood of developing type II diabetes – associated with abdominal fat.

More tests still need to be done as none of the research volunteers were particularly overweight. But many people, worried about their weight, will be trying out the tangy fruit drink for themselves.

If that is what you are doing it makes sense to buy a 100% pure pomegranate juice which won’t have lots of added sugar in it. Both Organic Village’s pomegranate juice and Biona Organic’s pomegranate juice are not made from concentrate so there’s no added water or sugar or anything in them, just 100% pomegranate goodness.

If you find the drink a little tart make a litre with 500ml pomegranate and 500ml of water, but you don’t want to buy it diluted. A 100% pure pomegranate drink is the way to go – and it’s also one of your five a day.

Pomegranate juice and colon cancer

Colon cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer and is thought to be the most preventable. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry opens in a new window has investigated the chemo-preventive properties of pomegranate juice, high in polyphenols, on HT-29 colon cancer cells.

Previous studies have found that a diet high in fat, meat and fibre can increase an individual’s risk of developing colon cancer. Polyphenols may have the ability to prevent carcinogenesis through the joint effectiveness of antioxidant action plus the effective slowing or stopping  the spread of malignant cells into surrounding tissues. Polyphenols are found in fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. Pomegranate juice is high in polyphenols  as well as flavonoids. The majority of polyphenols found in pomegranate juice are, it seems particularly efficient at accumulating in our organs including the colon, intestines and prostate gland.  The study by Kasimsetty indicates that the flavonoids in Pomegranate juice inhibits the activation of certain carcinogenic elements and so prevents the beginnings of cancer.

Kasimsetty and his team isolated the active elements of the Pomegranate juice and used them to see their effect on  five human cancerous cells lines, BT- 549 (ductal carcinoma, breast), HT-29 (colon carcinoma), KB (epidermal carcinoma, oral), SK-MEL (malignant melanoma) and SK-OV-3 (ovarian carcinoma). They tested the effect of the juice elements on the effectiveness in preventing cancer development.   The scientists then carried out various analyses including determining the ability of the polyphenols to inhibit cell growth.

Kasimsetty and the other scientists say they found that the polyphenols had a significant effect in inhibiting cancer development. They also discovered that the flavonoids  slowed down the growth of progressive cancers and were effective in inhibiting the proliferation of cancerous cells compared to non cancerous cells. That’s very clever.

The researchers concluded that regular consumption of pomegranate juice may provide a concentration of polyphenols sufficient to inhibit colon cancer development.

Further research details on Pomegranate Juice and it’s affect on colon cancer