We all need omega oils. How do vegans get theirs?

We all know we need omega oils in our diets, but how do vegans get it?

Omega fatty acids are important for every cell in the body so a diet rich in the right balance of omega oils is going to mean a healthier you.

The right balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 is crucial. In the western diet we get too much omega 6 but not enough omega 3 – both are needed to support the heart, eyes and brain.

Vegan Omega Oils 3 6 9
Vegan friendly omega oils

Tricky for vegans and vegetarians

But if it’s difficult for most Westerners, with fish being the best source of omega oils, it’s even more tricky for those who don’t eat any meat.

Granovita, a vegetarian food company, offer a solution in an Organic Omega Oil Blend. It contains the ideal ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

As a mix of flax oil, hemp oil, sesame oil, pumpkin oil and evening primrose oil, you can use it as an alternative to vegetable oil or olive oil, particularly for drizzling on salads, potatoes and soups.

One final point however, while I believe organic foods are more nutritious and beter for the environment, my own research hasn’t identified any direct benefit of organically sourced omega oils. So if anyone has any information on this I’d be interested to know?

Ever wondered how good for you your cereal really is?

Why is granola so satisfying? Crunchy mouthfuls of toasted oats fill your mouth with goodness at every crunch.

But has it ever worried you how much sugar there is in it?

Perfekt Granolas are interesting because they use agave syrup which only has 1/3rd of the calories in sugar and, rather than giving you a moment’s satisfaction, gently releases energy so that your body burns the carbs instead of storing them as fat. You’ll hopefully feel fuller for longer.

Perfekt - The nutritious breakfast
Perfekt - The nutritious breakfast

For Perfekt, nutritional balance is everything. Organic nuts, seeds and oats are combined with the aim of giving you a good balance of protein and complex carbohydrates.

Whatismore, the Perfekt blend of nuts, seeds and oil provides Omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamins and minerals. That makes a pretty good start to the day.

Particularly intriguing is that one of Perfekt’s cereals uses quinoa instead of oats, which is a nod towards the gluten-free community. However, currently the cereal is prepared in a building where other gluten cereals could cross contaminate. The cereals contain no added salt or wheat either.