Beauty treatment so pure made with 100% organic coconut oil

I love the advice that you should “never put anything on your skin you can’t eat.”

Janey Lee Grace explains it well in the video I’m about to show you.

In it she describes the use of 100% coconut oil on your hair and skin, and a new range of beauty products from Tiana, made without any chemicals or artificial additives.

Some of us in the West are only just beginning to discover the usefulness of coconut oil. It’s nutritional similarity to mother’s milk makes it a very efficient oil to eradicate dryness and restore damaged cells.

In Tiana’s Beauty Sensations range, excellent blends have been created to enhance your beauty. They include:

Here’s the video:

Look after your skin in winter

Freezing temperatures, low humidity, and indoor heating can easily dry out your skin at this time of year. Here’s four tips to protect you from the worst of winter.

Cold-weather breaks down the  collagen in your skin, resulting in lots more fine lines, cracked, rougher skin, and a dry, flaky complexion. As your face and hands are more exposed to the cold, wind and sun they will suffer the worst of the winter.

Moisturise with a cream not a lotion
Moisturise with a cream not a lotion

Moisturise for protection
Moisturiser fills in gaps and cracks in the skin, restoring elasticity and giving you a smooth, soft appearance. You don’t need fancy cosmetics, but you might want to use a cream or ointment instead of a lotion. Thicker creams contain more oil and protect your skin longer than thin more water-based lotions.

Don’t forget the sun-lotion
A winter sun can still give you sunburn — as you might discover after a day od sledging on the bright white slopes. Use a moisturiser with SPF 15 or above. Don’t worry about buying  something that will wash off in water, unless you’re crazy enough to try a winter hot-tub.

Wear gloves everywhere
Love your hands. If you find your hands are still dry from the winter air, before you go to bed try putting some vaseline on your hands and cover them with thin cotton gloves and then enjoy a good night’s sleep. (You can do the same trick for your feet.)

Wash intelligently
Water strips oil from your skin, so wash sparingly or at least reapply moisturiser after each wash.
– Try mild soap-free cleansers, they don’t dry your skin as much.
– Only wash your face at night to remove makeup and grime. A morning wash removes the protective acid-mantle from your skin which builds up overnight.
– On your face, use warm water to wash and cool water to rinse. A cool rinse constricts the blood vessels and calms the skin to retain the moisturiser in your cleanser.
– Don’t stay in the shower for ages. And apply moisturiser within three minutes of washing to seal in moisture.

Four ways to keep your skin soft through the colder months

Organic creams for the most sensitive skin

Having just written about vegan cosmetics which, by their very composition tend to be safe and natural, it’s good to introduce a new skincare range which is just that, and not surprisingly it’s vegan and organic too.

Organic  cream for sensitive skin
Organic cream for sensitive skin

Natraderm have created a new line of moisturising creams for use in the  shower, and for the hair and skin. And of course, being Natraderm, they are totally free from artificial colours, fragrances, sulphates, chemical preservatives or artificial foaming agents.

What is really excellent about these creams is that they are suitable for anyone with sensitive skin or suffering from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin rashes and irritations.

The shower gels and shampoo are entirely organic and blended with extracts of Jojoba, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.

If you’ve ever used Natraderm you’ll know how soothing it is, so you can look forward to being gently cleansed and moisturised by these new skin-friendly creams.