Could Horcheta be the ultimate free from drink?

I was surprised to see Plamil selling a drink at all,  until I realised what it was…

tigernut horcheta
This milk alternative is rich in vitamins and minerals

Plamil are a free-from company who specialise in vegan chocolate.

And the drink, organic Horchata, fits the bill (almost) entirely. It’s a dairy-free milk alternative which has been popular for centuries in Spain, plus it’s lauded for its health benefits as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Made from tigernuts (a vegetable, no nuts included) the drink has a sweet creamy taste and looks like a glass of golden Jersey milk.

The bottle seems expensive for its size until you realise you can dilute it to make five times as much. But the main thing is it’s delicious and those looking for a gluten free, possibly soya-free and rice free, alternative to milk may well find they hit the jackpot with this.

Horchata already has a bit of a following, so they know what they’re doing these Plamil guys. All that remains is for you to try it out yourself.


Kara Coconut Milk is now called Koko and there’s a new strawberry flavour

The bad news is the succesful brand Kara Coconut Milk has changed.

Koko Strawberry
A new strawberry flavour for dairy free kids

But, don’t worry, it’s only their name.

They are now called Koko – which I guess is a sensible move towards greater brand recognition.

Better still they’ve added a new flavour. Now you can try Koko Dairy Free Strawberry in addition to their plain Coconut and Chocolate flavours.

In case you didn’t know: coconut milk is a great dairy free alternative to regular milk. As a milk it contains 65% medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which (unlike saturated animal fats) are not readily stored in the body but are digested and used as energy by the body. Around 50% of these MCFA’s are made up of lauric acid which is the main nutrient in breast milk.

Of course, ‘good fats’ should be considered an important part of a balanced diet, as they contribute towards healthy cell function.

More dairy free milk coming onto the market

Whenever there is a need to use a milk alternative, it always seems to be soya milk that comes to people’s mind first. But those who have explored alternative options a bit more will know that there’s a lot more out there.

A new dairy free milk
A new dairy free milk

Rice Dream has proved a valuable alternative to some people with its lack of aftertaste and pleasant natural sweetness. But there are many other milk alternatives out there besides rice and the demand for quality milk alternatives is growing.

Rice Dream have developed variations with a vanilla version and a hazelnut and almond flavoured Rice Dream which is loved by vegan friends. But now, there are even more dreamy options with an Almond Dream made from almonds rather than rice and an Oat Dream coming onto the market too. Like the enriched Rice Dream they have added vitamins A, D & B12, with the same calcium as milk.

The best solution is to work out which type of dairy free milk tastes best in different cooking environments. For example, while oat milk may taste good with cereals, almond milk adds a delicious sweetener to tea, and of course, there’s always the pleasure of just drinking rice milk straight from the glass.

The best ice cream you’ve never tasted…

The first time you taste Bally Bleat Ice Cream you wonder why you were ever scared of eating goat’s milk ice cream at all?

Aside from the health benefits of goat’s milk (less lactose, making it easier to digest) you also get a wonderfully creamy ice cream for a seemingly lower number of calories.

Bally Bleat A surprisingly creamy taste
A surprisingly creamy taste

The taste is truly exquisite! No wonder it has won Great Taste Gold Awards. It’s made using 100% Goat’s milk which, you have to remember, is the most widely drunk milk in the world.

The name Bally Bleat comes from the ice cream’s home in Ireland and the ice cream itself comes in three different flavours: Blueberry Swirl, Summer Strawberry and Vanilla.

It makes a great alternative to cow’s milk and it’s gluten free.

So Good Oat Drink – a new delicious milk alternative

There’s been a lot of interest in a new drink from So Good.

This one is made from oats.

Other oat drinks already exist, so is it the 30% extra oats promise, or is it So Good’s reputation for quality milk alternatives that is making the difference?

So Good guarnatee that there are no preservatives in their drink, and it is low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. What’s  more, it has the same amount of calcium as semi-skimmed milk and includes vitamins A, B12 and D.

New and delicious
New and delicious

This oat version of So Good can be used for cooking, splashing on cereal or used for making ice creams and smoothies. It is easy to digest and is free from soya, dairy and lactose; and is made in a nut-free environment.

A deliciously milky drink, without the milk.

See what you think about So Good.