Combat Candida

Candida Albicans is just another name for yeast, and this exists naturally in every healthy digestive system. Yeast is ok in it’s place but when it begins to take control of the digestive system, the likelihood is that nothing short of nutritional warfare will put it back where it belongs. For this reason it is best to seek the diagnosis and advise of a qualified nutritionist before you set out.

Canny stuff this Candida. Did you know, for instance, that left unchecked – a local infection of Candida Albicans can spread to a systemic invasion in which the Candida cells convert to an invasive fungal form sprouting roots and branches? Armed in this way it can penetrate the digestive tract causing more serious damage leading to an increased array of symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue, poor digestion, severe itching, poor concentration, feeling sick all over, headaches, reactions to strong aromas and depression. Not pleasant.

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