Beauty soap brings out the best in you (and everyone else)

We believe

    …that luxury bodycare is about more than gorgeous products and great packaging, and should be honestly priced.

    …in creating gorgeous products full of natural ingredients rather than synthetic nasties such as parabens and sulphates.

    …that great packaging looks even better when it’s sustainably sourced, and in making our products in the UK.

    …that treating ourselves feels even better when producers in developing countries are treated fairly.

    …that beauty is about bringing out the best in everyone.

It’s that kind of faith from Bubble&Balm that is getting them noticed – most recently by The Pure Beauty Awards for their Fairtrade Luxury Handwash.

For smooth moisturised skin
For smooth moisturised skin

They are the first ‘100% Fairtrade’ bodycare company in the UK, and their products actively support sustainability for the planet and no cruelty to animals.

And there’s no skimping on luxury either: their soaps are gentle on the skin, long-lasting and do not crack or go mushy; providing a rich, soothing and effective lather, leaving your skin to smell fresh and clean with a soft and smooth feel.

Check out their stylish soaps with citrus, lavender or shea butter.

Finding toiletries at GoodnessDirect if you are vegan

How do you know what is really in your facial scrub?

You can read the smallprint, but only chemists can understand most of the words.

If you are a vegan the two crucial elements to choosing toiletries and cosmetics are the ingredients and the testing.

The principles

Be confident in your beauty products
Be confident in your beauty products

No  cosmetic should contain products derived from animals (living or dead). And each item should be cruelty-free.

Testing on animals is not allowed in the UK, but companies can still sell beauty products here and test them abroad (for more info visit BUAV). Check that the makers specifically say their product has not been tested on animals.

Non-vegan ingredients to watch out for includes beeswax, collagen, elastin, keratin, lanolin, oleic acid, oestrogen, propolis and stearin. I list these because these are the ones I know about, but Viva offer a more useful and longer boo-hiss glossary of words for you to check your favourite items against; however, their list is not definitive and some ingredients listed can possibly be obtained without farming animals.

At GoodnessDirect

Brands which guarantee their creations are vegan include Organic Bloom, Urtekram, Faith in Nature*, Tom’s of Maine, Suma, Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste, Green People, Weleda, Yaoh and PitRok.

You can obtain all these from GoodnessDirect and you can find them by looking out for the ‘vegan’ flag on our pages or by selecting ‘Vegan’ in the My Options section.

Some of the latest items on our shelves include…

Suncoat’s hair mousse, styling spray and styling gel (check out their impressive nail polishes)
PitRok’s handwash, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner
Organic Bloom’s shampoo and conditioner
Uketram’s no perfume shower gel
Weleda’s skin food and Birch cellulite oil

NB. *Faith in Nature’s Propolis is non-vegan as it involves using bees.

Toiletry range friendly to your kids, and the earth

It makes sense that by caring for the earth we should be caring for the ones we love most.

Simple ideas like that can revolutionise your life.

When you buy something to keep a baby clean it must never be dangerous to a child. And it’s logical that what we use for our children should never be a threat to the environment either.

That’s why, as much as possible, Earth Friendly Baby’s creams and wipes come from natural sources. Ingredients harvested from plants are chosen because they work in harmony with your body, and the earth. Artificial colouring or synthetic fragrances don’t get a look in.

A child’s bubble bath should be fun for everyone, including your peace of mind.

A baby cream should soothe and calm and bring inspiration to your conscience.

A child friendly handwash should keep germs at bay and help kids think about the world around them.

That’s the way a sensible life works.

Earth Friendly Baby and Kids products are made to help your family get the very best out of life – at a price everyone can afford.