A cheaper salt therapy for asthma

I have come to accept my asthma as part of my life. It gets better, or worse and in periods, stays dormant waiting to pounce on me like a crafty cat.

I have, over the years, compared notes with other sufferers and have  come to believe that most of us (asthma sufferers) tend to have their hands (erm, I mean their noses) full of a cacophony of colds, sinuses and other breathing issues too. So, we learn to irritatingly negotiate our way through life; wheezing, sniffing, sneezing and semi breathing at turns. Laden with our inhalers, miles of tissues, and staying well away from the pollen, we stumble along with a fatalistic apathy that we came into this planet doomed with a curse from the God of breathing.

Of course we try various cures. It starts with our mum’s desparate remedies and, once diagnosed that our airways basically have a mean attitude of getting inflamed and closing down on us, we learn to live with it.

Fingers crossed and with inhalers at the ready we soldier on.

If I have touched a chord with any of you, let me share my latest efforts  of a therapy for my ongoing burden. Yes, salt inhalation therapy!

It'll cost less than a visit to the seaside
It'll cost less than a visit to the seaside

Salt inhalation has been around since the Greeks, when Hippocrates recommended it for respiratory problems. The only recent evidence, however, comes from the former Soviet Union; a 1999 Lithuanian study of 250 children and 500 adults found that salt therapy for an hour a day for two weeks improved respiratory results in nine out of 10 cases. Hitherto, it still remains fairly unknown in the Western world, though ‘taking in the sea-air’ was always known to be helpful.

Salt inhalation therapy traditionally came through ‘salt caves’, places that can be loosely described as bit like a salty igloos. There are salt drifts everywhere around the world, underfoot and lining the walls. Now, hairnets are donned and shoes covered to keep these caves free of dirt, while the sound of waves and seagulls played inside enhances the weird, seaside effect. But the reality is the salt is purely decorative as the supposed medical benefit comes from breathing in sodium chloride aerosol, which is piped into the therapy rooms by a microclimate generator. This mixes milled salt with a current of air. The theory is that by breathing this in, mucus in the respiratory tract is loosened and coughed up. However The Saltpipe, a handy apparatus manufactured in the UK, has now made it both, more affordable (for the price of a few prescriptions) and accessible whenever one needs it.

Evidence of benefits are pouring in as small, regular usage is creating significant changes in conditions of many, including me!


Your body may also need a spring clean

Brighter, longer days and the anticipation of summer!! As you give the garage and the garden shed their annual sorting out, have you forgotten yourself?

Here is some unpleasant news! Your body, over time becomes a breeding ground for toxins. They make their menacing entry through the air, water and food that our body consumes. And, as if you already didn’t know, the prospects are seriously grim if you smoke, drink, take drugs, alcohol or indulge in poor choices of foods.

Scary numbers
The numbers are rather impressive – over five trillion (that’s 5,000 billion) pounds of chemical pollutants are released into the environment every year; 2,800 additives are intentionally added to what we eat;  and 10,000 additives find their way into food as it is grown, processed and packaged (hormones and antibiotics fed to animals, pesticides used on crops, food enhancers and preservatives).

And the effects on you can also be staggering – headache, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, irritability, depression, flu-like symptoms and allergic reactions such as hives, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing and coughing.  Accumulated toxins overload the liver and impair the elimination process increasing the risk of serious health problems like cancer, auto-immune disease and Alzheimer’s.

How your body copes
Even though your body has a natural detoxification process to eliminate an excessive build up of toxins, it often falls short of keeping you in safe grounds.  Unwanted chemicals are processed by the liver and then exit the body via the bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin.  If you have a healthy immune system and efficient organs of elimination , your body can handle a lot of abuse.  Unfortunately, our bodies often cannot keep up, and as we become weaker and sicker from the toxins, our abilities to detoxify reduces greatly.

Help your body out
, the vitamin company with an organic heart, now has the august stature of manufacturing the largest ( and award wining) supplement range in the UK. Their Super Cleanse 10 day Detox Box contains:
1. 100% Organic Cleavers Tincture
2. Milk Thistle Herb & Seed and
3. A preparation of complete fibre complex.

One of the best gifts to offer yourself as you hit the nooks and crannies around your home with the dustpan and brush!!