A couple of coffee alternatives

It may surprise some to hear this…

But there are other drinks out there apart from coffee.

instant chicory
100% roasted chicory

In fact, if you’re looking for a smoother, more velvety taste, it might help to try barley cup.

Alternatively, if you desire a nutty, woody flavour then it may be worth sampling some chicory.

Both of course are caffeine free.

The one advantage that chicory may have over barley cup is that it is also naturally gluten free. And if you want an organic version then Prewett’s make both a usual instant chicory and organic chicory drink.


The majesty of loose leaf tea, made incredible by Yogi

Have you ever wondered why loose tea tastes better than tea made with a tea bag? Let’s be frank: have you ever realised that loose tea tasted better than tea from a tea bag?

Loose tea leaves are complete or at least bigger compared to the broken scraps found in your common tea bag. Bigger really is better in this case because, bigger leaves retain their essential oils while broken particles allow more of those nutrients to evaporate, leaving a comparatively lifeless flavour.

Yogi is no ordinary tea

No ordinary tea
No ordinary tea

Now, Yogi tea is different, not least because they are made of an amazing mix of spices and not simply tea leaves. However, Yogi tea bags are different too. Their commitment to natural flavour means their many teas are packed individually in heat-sealed envelopes to help preserve the health benefits of the herbs used. This also maintains the freshness and flavor.

But now Yogi are letting you get your hands on their original loose leaf concoctions. Another big advantage of brewing loose leaf is that the leaves have space to swell with water and release their flavour. The water circulation around the tea leaf is also important.

So, Yogi are offering some new flavours. See if you can taste the difference…

Ginger Lemon Chai
– warm pungent ginger balanced by refreshing citrus
Choco Chai, Aztec Spice
– a recreation of the ancient Aztec recipe called ‘Xocoatl’
Good Morning Chai, Roasted Chicory Spice
– roasted chicory, cinnamon, cardamom and licorice brings  a warmth and full-bodied taste
Himalaya Chai, Ginger Harmony
– sweet fennel seeds, spicy ginger and cosy cinnamon for uplifting moments
Classic Chai, Cinnamon Spice
– original recipe is cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and black pepper

Do you need to go caffeine free?

A friend of mine gave up coffee once and was surprised by the headaches he started having – such was his dependency. Another friend gave up coffee after e experienced regular palpitations – they disappeared pretty soon after that.

I guess coffee affects some people more than others. It’s not a problem for me, it doesn’t keep me awake, I don’t get a buzz – all that I enjoy is the taste.

However, I couldn’t help but notice, when recently researching the benefits of good nutrition on our happiness, that caffeine can have a detrimental effect on your mood. Again, it depends who you are, but if coffee makes you feel happy (it’s supposed to boost serotonin) it can also cause a cycle of ups and downs which may eventually lead to depression. Caffeine is also thought to block receptors in your body which might otherwise be used for the intake of iron and other important nutrients. Then there are questions over whether caffeine is bad for blood pressure, dehydration and insomnia.

But coffee is great! There’s nothing like that heady aroma, the bitter smooth taste and the ritualised tradition of waking up to a new day. And caffeine can also be been associated with health benefits such as a reduced risk of stroke or dementia.

The point is that you have to find your own way through the caffeine question. You might need to avoid green tea, coke, tea and even chocolate in an effort to detox from caffeine. If that’s the case it’s useful to know that there’s a plethora of caffeine free beverages out there, from rooibos tea to barley cup, fruit or herbal infusions and a range of other alternatives. Have you ever heard of dandelion coffee for example (apparently it’s delicious) or carob or chicory or slippery elm, even acorn coffee?

One man’s drink, as they say, is certainly another man’s poison.

Lepicol for a healthy gut – you might never know how much you need it

How’s this for a testimony:

I have been using Lepicol for a few weeks and I am now sure that my bowel problems are over.

My Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ‘piles’ and constipation has virtually gone and I can’t tell you how pleased I am.

When people remark how much perkier I seem I don’t hesitate to tell them about my Lepicol success story.  I aim to always take it daily and tell my G.P. Surgery to take the doctor’s ‘remedy’ off my repeat prescription list.

I can’t believe I’ve stumbled across Lepicol – a product that works so much better.  Thank you and keep it coming.

What is Lepicol?
Lepicol is a clever mix of an incredible fibre food (called Psyllium husks), probiotics and a chicory based inulin. They work together to bring you relief if you have a sluggish or sensitive tummy.

So many people have been spreading the word about how helpful they’ve found Lepicol, whether it’s with IBS, piles, diverticular disease, constipation, cramp pains, bloating or discomfort, acid reflux, diarrhea or colitis.

Often converts add that they now have more energy, a better immune system, and improved weight loss.

This is good news. There is greater understanding nowadays that laxitives can be very damaging for your health in the long run, resulting in poor nutrition and damaging your digestive system.

Is it good for me?
Lepicol is made of natural source ingredients that are gentle on your gut – leaving you with healthy bowels and protection from future disease.

Psyllium husk fibre absorbs 20 times its own weight and it has a spongy feel to it, which means it doesn’t rip at your insides like other fibre foods. And, because Lepicol is not absorbed by the body, it is suitable for everyday use.

The inulin is a prebiotic which works with the probiotics to maintain friendly bacteria in your stomach for a healthy colon.

Lepicol comes in capsules and is gluten free, wheat free, phytate free and GM free. You can also get the psyllium husks in tablet form by themselves.

The Healthy Bowels Company now produce a Fibre Food for Kids which adds oat bran to the psyllium husk mix. You can even have a Colon Massage Oil to encourage relief.

Chai-tea – I’ve found a new religion


Perhaps for some people tea is the perfect religion.

If you want a moment’s quiet, what better than finding calm in the depths of a cup of warm copper coloured infusions.

Or if you need some healing, then there are a variety of time-tested tastes to ease your ailments.

Are you desperate for a listening ear and sympathy? Invite your friend over for no better reason than the ritual brew of tea-for-two.

And if you really need to know the future, well, you can always get your aunt to read the tea-leaves…

Of course the humble tea bush and all its adherents won’t quite match the majesty of a higher power, but many a prayer has risen on the incense of a steaming cuppa, and many a moment has been satisfied by the perfect choice of tea at that perfect time.

It’s not as if the gurus of tea making don’t know they’re on to something. You’ve surely noticed how shops’ shelves have become increasingly laden with a greater supply of different teas? Continue reading