Win a bumper hamper of Booja Booja Easter Eggs

Booja Booja are generously offering 3 hampers to win for this Easter.

Booja Booja
Easter Eggs like no other

How could anyone not prepare for Easter without considering Booja Booja’s exquisite vegan chocolate truffles? Not only do they taste magnificent, the packaging is beautiful too. The cases are hand-painted by artists from Kashmir as a boost for the troubled community and all their chocolate is vegan.

Just so you can think about them a little bit more Booja Booja have arranged this competition. For a chance to win one of three hampers (like the picture above) all you need to do is send us an email with your name and address and the lucky winners will be picked at random at the end of this Thursday 21st March 2013 (UK address only).

You can also put together your own special hamper from our Easter shelf using the GoodnessDirect hamper service. But don’t forget to consider Booja Booja, the variety of flavoured truffles they produce is truly delightful.

Back once more, a Booja Booja Easter

Booja Booja are a best selling brand at GoodnessDirect. With 57 awards over 14 years it’s not surprising.

Booja Booja Easter
Enjoy a dairy-free Easter

Their vegan and gluten free chocolate truffles may just be the best thing you’ve ever had at Easter.

Booja Booja’s remarkable truffles are lovingly packed into the beautifly hand crafted iconic egg boxes. These gorgeous boxes are individually designed, crafted and painted by hand in Kashmir, giving trade to the now thriving community out there. Each egg is decorated using a traditional Kashmmir pattern. The vibrant colours with iconic gold outlines is stunningly eye-catching and because they are painted by hand each one is totally unique!

The eggs come in large and small sizes with different flavoured chocolate truffles, so here they are:

After Midnight Espresso
Hazelnut Crunch
Stem Ginger
Rum Sozzled Sultana

Win an intricately designed box of Booja Booja

Booja Booja’s Artist’s Collection organic truffles will make a great gift whoever you give it to (including yourself).

Booja Booja
We all need a little Booja Booja

If you don’t know about Booja Booja you should! They make fantastic vegan chocolates and ice creams, which just happen to be gluten free too, and they don’t skimp on quality! Booja Booja also produce a newsletter you can sign up to for all their latest products. It’s really worth sampling their wares, all organic, vegan and dairy free too.

We have a Booja-Booja Artist’s Collection chocolate box to give away. The boxes are hand painted in Kashmir, and the chocolates are beautiful too. To enter for a chance to win, you’ll need to submit your email address to receive a copy of the Booja Booja newsletter. To do this simply send an email and your subscription will go into the hat. Good luck! (Competition closes 13.12.12, UK addresses only.)

New Booja Booja flavours – I’m so excited

There are 3 new flavours of Booja Booja chocolate truffles.

Is there any more reason you need to get excited?

Booja Booja have created the Rum Sozzled Sultana – a divine flavour explosion, the Stem Ginger – a gorgeously juicy pleasure, and the highly anticipated Banoffee Toffee.

Stunning and ethical in design and taste
Stunning and ethical in design and taste

If you don’t know anything about Booja Booja then you have a brand new world of wonders to discover. Booja Booja make gorgeous truffles and vegan ice cream but these are all organic and dairy free and gluten free, organic – and they taste fantastic!

Not only that you can find them in such exquisite packaging. Booja Booja also have a range called the Artist’s Collection. These are stunning wood-painted chocolate boxes and, in my opinion, now they have a new source of dairy free chocolate, these new truffles taste even better than before.

Ice Creams Dairy and Non-Dairy

One of the best things about my job is the free ice cream that occasionally gets delivered to my desk by those nice lads from the freezer department. (Well, you wouldn’t want me talking about food I hadn’t tasted would you?)

This week’s special was a ‘Cappuccino organic ice cream’ with little chunks of chocolate – a sweet coffee flavour delightfully punctuated with dark chocolate morsels. I’m afraid I didn’t wait long to note down all my (*cough) professional observations.

The cappuccino ice cream, made by Cream O’Galloway, is just one of a big range of fairtrade and organic iced sensations – as well as the normal flavours they’ve created strawberry pavlova, elderflower, honey & ginger and banana & choc chip genius desserts as well.

Non dairy ice creams
Non dairy ice creams

Check our online ice cream cabinet for lots more dreamy ice creams for those hot summer days.

Non Dairy Ice Cream

But what if you don’t eat dairy? You don’t have to miss out on delicious after dinner desserts.

Booja Booja, who make amazing vegan chocolate truffles, also make some pretty astounding non dairy ice creams called ‘Stuff in a Tub’.

Other makers include Swedish Glace and Toffuti who make lovely dairy-free and gluten-free flavours. Enjoy a scoop of after dinner mmmm without the fuss.

And I’m excited to say we’re going to stock Worthenshaws Coconuka and Coconice in the near future…

Pop your head into our non dairy freezer section to see if there’s anything to catch your fancy.

Booja-Booja Easter Eggs – How would you eat yours? – Competition

What’s the biggest sin when eating an easter egg?

Not sharing? Not finishing your hoard of chocolate until October? Scoffing it all in a great marathon event which ends with you on the couch vowing you’ll never eat chocolate again?

Whatever you end up doing (hopefully something more virtuous than the above), please don’t do it with the Booja-Booja Luxury Champagne Truffle Egg, it’s far too good to waste on novice chocolate eaters.

Win a beautiful Booja-Booja Easter Egg
Win a beautiful Booja-Booja Easter Egg

We’re talking about wonderously dark chocolate, velvet lined, hiding a trove of champagne truffles within, handcrafted and encased in a hand painted oval box. And because it’s Booja-Booja it’s a practically a blessing for you if you’re vegan or can’t eat gluten or dairy. A wonder to behold!

But here’s surely the greatest transgression of all – we are giving them away!

Booja-Booja luxurious Easter Eggs also come with Hazlenut Crunch, Midnight Expresso and Ginger Wine Truffles but, before I tell you how to win the Champagne Truffle Egg, let me also mention a few other conscientious chocolate eggs which deserve your attention too.

EqualExchange have their own Divine Delights for your exultation; fairtrade naturally, so you know there’s some good in what you’re doing as you munch through all the ruinous chocolate.

Organic oeuvres of fascination are available courtesy of the Chocolate Alchemist – imagine dark Belgian chocolate studded with jewels of crystallised ginger! They also make plates of dark and milk chocolate engraved with creamy motifs.

Or you can try Green & Blacks who are are offering butterscotch eggs of crunchy toffee, thicker chocolate shells, and a host of mini eggs, all organic and fairtrade (of course).

Finally, I’d like to mention Siesta D&D who are specialists in dairy and gluten free chocolates. They have designed lovely boxes of 20 eggs and bunny chocolates for your children to love.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Booja-Booja Luxury Champagne Truffle Egg, you can enter the Booja-Booja competition with a simple email to me and I’ll put your name in the draw for one of five prize eggs (competition ends Friday 26 March 2010).

Trust me, win one of these and you’ll be in seventh heaven for days (and hopefully not hours).

Booja-Booja ‘Stuff in a Tub’

The award-winning Booja-Booja Company is delighted to announce the launch of its new, delicious frozen desert. Stuff in a Tub has all the creamy taste and sumptuous indulgence you would expect of the best luxury ice cream, but, like Booja-Booja’s celebrated handmade chocolates, is not only completely dairy free but also totally organic, wheat and gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and utterly delicious!

What’s so special about this product?

This revolutionary product takes the concept behind Booja-Booja’s chocolates a step further: Stuff in a Tub contains only a handful of pure, natural ingredients, many of which are raw; there is no cholesterol, no refined sugars and no stabilisers or emulsifiers, as well as no soya or rice milk. It is made from unique recipes using special processes carefully developed at the company’s Norfolk home by Booja-Booja founder, Colin Mace, who explains; “This is not just some alternative dessert for people who don’t want to eat dairy, this is better than dairy ice cream. We’re using pure, natural ingredients, raw wherever possible, and you can taste that in the final product – it’s vibrant, voluptuous and each flavour is totally intense”. Others seem to agree with Colin on this – Stuff in a Tub has been voted the Best New Organic Food Product 2007 at the Natural and Organic Awards 2007, while Patrick Holford, the founder of the Institue of Optimum Nutrition calls it “The best ice cream in the world”.

What flavours are available?

Stuff in a Tub is available in five fabulous flavours:

Tell me more about The Booja-Booja Company

The Booja-Booja Company is a small independently owned business that aspires to make a real and positive difference to the world. They have won 28 awards and behind their enticing products is a small dedicated team headed by the founder, Colin Mace. Everything happens on one site, so there is a strong sense of community, and the emphasis is not on managerial hierarchy but on developing a culture where everyone feels safe to flourish and grow.

Booja-Booja have made a public commitment that their products will never be sold in supermarkets, but by independent retailers, in order to support the role that these retailers play in the community.