Familiarise yourself with Organico’s speciality rice selection

Cultivated for your pleasure

I’ve said it before – the folk at Organico foods are impressive.

They always seem to bring quality, authenticity and and a sense of fairness to the table.

You are spoilt for choice with their range of organic Mediterannean foods, and now they’re offering a choice of speciality rice.

For example have you heard of Nerone Rice (or Black Rice)? By legend it is known as ‘Forbidden Rice’, because it was apparently reserved exclusively for the Chinese Emperor and his family (because of its nutritional and aphrodisiac properties!)

The wholegrain rice has a fragrant aroma and texture, best used for seafood or hearty vegetables mixes and casseroles.

Then there’s Essenza Rice. Essenza means ‘essence’ of fragrance. The aroma from the rice can be smelt even as its storks ripen in the field. As a long grain variety it is suitable for general cooking, especially with casseroles, sauces, curries or cold rice salad.

Organico’s Wild Red Rice is characterised by a tender, aromatic flavour which keeps longer after cooking. It is also rich in mineral salts, particularly selenium, antioxidants, iron and proteins and is easily digested – so it has gained a ‘superfood’ or ‘supergrain’ reputation.

Try this wholegrain rice with vegetable mixes, in a pilaf or with spicy and strongly flavoured dishes.

Finally, there’s Carnaroli Rice, the ‘king of risotti’. It’s regarded as the best risotto rice because the grain is compact and absorbs well without losing much of its starch. This means the rice draws in all the flavour of the ingredients and liquids but keeps its texture well.

Risottos are not difficult to make. The main thing to remember is do not boil the rice separately. But to help you Organico have also put together three quick and easy risotto meals using the Carnaroli grain:

Buon appetito!


Wow what a crazy range of noodles

It’s difficult not to be impressed by King Soba noodles.

King Soba noodles
Versatility and good nourishment in the kitchen

First, look at their credentials: nearly all their food is organic, fairtrade, vegan, GM free, wheat & gluten free, wholegrain food.

Second, look at their flavour combinations and you begin to realise something really special is going on… pumpkin, ginger and brown rice noodles or sweet potato and buckwheat noodles, green tea noodles, black rice noodles. The noodles are colourful and almost never ever contain gluten.

It seems like King Soba noodles are just about the healthiest fast food going. With their roots in Japanese and Thai food cultures, the focus on ingredients means there’s no poor quality instant noodle food here, just good nourishment and lots of imagination for when you get in the kitchen.