‘Drinking pomegranate juice can make you love your job!’

Take 60 workers and get them to drink 1/2 a litre of pomegranate juice every day for a fortnight. Then ask them if they enjoy work more?

The answer: Yes! Nearly everyone said life felt better. They were more active, enthusiastic and pleased with their work. The responses indicated they were less stressed too.

Drinking pomegranate juice can make you more active at work
Drinking pomegranate juice can make you more active at work

No wonder pomegranate used to be hailed as the forbidden fruit of lovers if this is what it does.

But loving your job?

Okay so, physically, the workers’ pulse rates had actually reduced…

But given that lower pulse rates are seen as a sign of health, this latest report will still add to the range of benefits which a drink of antioxidant pomegranate offers: help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, less risk of heart and kidney disease or¬†Alzheimer’s too. And scientists are still looking into the benefits of pomegranate juice with cancer.

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I still remember the flavour of my Jamaican aunt’s rice and peas, it was amazing, delicious and, to me, unrepeatable. I loved how fluffy it was and the way it stuck together. And one of the¬† ingredients which makes rice and peas taste so great is coconut.

The humble coconut has a significant place in Caribbean culture because it is so useful. As well as in food it can be used for your hair, healing, metabolism, skin, digestion and stress relief. In fact, around the world the coconut tree is probably the most versatile organic raw material there is, it has so many uses. You can even buy coconut flour as a gluten free alternative to wheat flour.

But coconut oil in cooking has received a bad press for years. That’s because it is high in saturated fat which is linked with increased cholesterol. But recently this has been brought into question. Coconut oil has been found to be easier to digest than any of the listed ‘bad fats’ because of its unique molecular structure. This should mean that it does not raise cholesterol, but, truth be told, the jury is still out.

The list of benefits from coconut oil is very big and there are even diets based around the coconut. It contains an acid called lauric acid which is found in breast milk and is beneficial to your immune system. It believed to be especially beneficial if you suffer from candida. It cooks at a high temperature without breaking down and yet has a light, non-greasy taste. Finally, coconut is versatile enough to use as a dairy-free butter/spread or for making raw smoothies and desserts.

But whatever you use your coconut for, even if your meals are transformed by its exotic, creamy flavour, it’s never going to taste as good as my aunt’s rice and peas.