Celebrate with a Cawston Press drink

If you’re having an alcohol free evening then bring a bottle of Cawston Press.

Cawston Press are sparkling
Cawston Press are sparkling

Their ‘Sparkling Apple’ or, if you dare, ‘Sparkling Apple Ginger Beer’ make an interesting, delicious and additive-free soft drink option for the party.

The Apple Ginger Beer is a particularly unique take on a classic and features lemon juice and a hint of chilli for extra ‘bite’, plus 40% of pressed apple to balance out that ginger ‘zing’. Meanwhile the more traditional Sparkling Apple contains no less than 75% pressed apple juice for the more refined drinker.

You can trust Cawston Press for a good time. They’ve had a love affair with the apple for over a quarter of a century – gently pressing and blending different varieties of the fruit for its ever-expanding and innovative range of all-natural juices, so they’re not going to stop the party now.

In fact, Cawston Press’s 26 year-experience has given it an ability to create beautifully balanced apple blends using some of the best varieties.  That’s no mean feat given the fact that there are more types of apples than any other fruit in the world – at least 7,500 (dwarfing the measly 2,500 varieties of oranges).

For instance, both Cawston’s ‘Sparkling Apple’ and still ‘Cloudy Apple’ feature no less than 6 varieties – Bramley (for bite), Cox’s Orange Pippin (for depth) and a combination of the varying sweetness of Braeburn, Jonagold, Golden Delicious and Gala.  Other drinks skilfully blend different apple combinations to balance with fruits and vegetables such as elderflower, rhubarb, carrot and even beetroot.

Cawston Press also prides itself in only using juice that has come from apples pressed within 48hrs of being picked. These apples are always picked at prime ripeness, are never cold stored (with the inevitable degradation that occurs), nor turned into concentrate.

In addition, Cawston’s juices feature no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colourings – and one 200ml glass of any of their juices will provide 1 of your 5-a-day.

Fruit juice should always be healthy juice so be selective about what you drink

If you want to know the truth about fruit juice, some juices are better than others. Many use poor quality fruit which won’t provide all the health benefits you expect and don’t taste like they should either.

Sunraysia sets its standards higher: nothing but juice from the best quality fruits, packed with real healthy benefits and tasting delicious. It’s made them a household name the world over.

Sunraysia drinks are designed to bless your body
Sunraysia drinks are designed to bless your body

As juice makers, Sunraysia are especially keen that you not only drink something tasty, but something that helps you feel happy. That’s how their blend of fruits and botanical extracts and sometimes vitamins too, are designed to bless you.

They don’t add any preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours – keeping it 100% natural so your body feels loved.

That’s the philosophy that goes into their Wellbeing Drink combining apple, cherry and beetroot to boost your immune system. It’s also why they make a Prune Juice naturally rich in anti oxidants, or carrot juice rich in beta carotene, and tomato juice rich in lycopene.

Sunraysia’s Pear, Apple & Vanilla Drink is designed to be soothing. Their Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit Drink contains ginseng and guarana to give you energy. And their Beetroot & Evesse apple juice promises betaine, to help maintain a healthy heart, and polyphenols to help improve blood circulation.

Vive la Tour, vive la beetroot!

I have am a ferocious follower of the Tour de France and I’m going to tell you about the new secret weapon.

The 98th Tour starts tomorrow. Some say it is the ultimate endurance test and without a doubt, all would agree, one of the most competitive sporting events.

Winning margins are spectacularly close. Last year mere seconds separated the top two riders after more than 90 hours in the saddle.

The nitrate in beetroot improves performance
The nitrate in beetroot improves performance

Every second counts, and everything possible is done to give riders a competitive edge; from the very latest aerodynamic bikes to sports nutrition to digging up dirt on fellow competitors.

But now there could be a new, surprising yet completely legal, weapon in the rider’s armoury: Beetroot Juice

I know it sounds like a huge antithesis, but hang on, let me elaborate.

Research done in Exeter University, and the findings published in Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, states that drinking beetroot juice can give a cyclist an extra 45 seconds over 10 miles. Enough to have changed cycling history last year.

Basically, the nitrate in beetroot allows increased blood flow through the body and also reduces the amount of oxygen required by muscles for a physical task. The combined effect is enhanced physical performance. You’ve heard of nitrate being used to make cars go faster, well now it’s doing the same thing for cyclists – thanks to drinking beetroot.

Vive la Tour, vive la beetroot!!

Why buy beetroot juice?

You’ve probably noticed that there are more joggers around now the summer’s here. It may explain the renewed interest in beetroot juice. I’ll explain…

Beetroot juice was recently proved to increase the stamina of sporty people. A test on cyclists who drank beetroot juice found they were much faster than others who hadn’t.

Stamina builders
Stamina builders

We know why too. The nitrates found in beetroot turn into nitric oxide in the body, which means less oxygen is used during exercise, and beetroot widens the blood vessels which means blood can get round your body easier. And for those of us who don’t dash about it still means there’s a benefit of decreased blood pressure.

Personally, I find it leaves me feeling fuller too so it may be useful for dieters (believe me, I can guzzle down a glass in no time!). So try some beetroot juice and see if it makes a difference.

All the benefits of wheatgrass in a bottle

Don’t you love it when some clever fella invents something to take all the hard work out of an issue? Over in Germany a drink is currently being developing which is high in Omega 3, that means people who cannot consume fish (like me) will have another rich source of this essential fatty acid.

Wheatgrass Cocktail
Wheatgrass Cocktail

It’s tenuous to connect this breakthrough with Rabenhorst’s array of healthy drinks, but I hope they take on the idea.

Already the producers of organic drinks of cherry, cranberry, beetroot and prune juice, the traditional company are now making a wheatgrass drink. That means you can get all the benefits of wheatgrass: purer blood, less toxins, less eczema and psoriasis, improved digestion and lower blood-pressure – all in a cup without having to squeeze the wheatgrass yourself – and they’ve mixed in green-tea and spirulina for a delicious healthy breakfast drink.

Rabenhorst have been producing quality fruit juices for over 200 years and last year won an international award for innovation in beverages.