Have a Bubbly Bath, with love from Humphrey

Humphrey’s Corner is the story of a lovable baby elephant who loves to play.

It is a book which has charmed parents and children all over the UK.

humphrey's corner
...with love from Humphey x

Now Faith in Nature, the natural bodycare company, have teamed up with Humphrey to create a baby care range – especially crafted with organic and other natural ingredients for a baby’s delicate skin.

You will find a whole range of Humphrey’s bubble baths, shampoo and lotion on GoodnessDirect’s shelves, all naturally free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, and all biodegradable and pH balanced for mildness.

Plus, of course, they are vegan and never tested on animals.

And it comes to you with love, from Humphrey…


Want a stunning and simple gift? You’ve got to have Faith in Nature

If you want to give your friends something to treasure you really can’t go wrong with Faith in Nature’s bodycare giftbags.

These cute bags of goodies are incredibly popular. Inside are organic shampoos and conditioners of a choice of 3 different fragrances. They are ideal for friends who love natural and vegan toiletries. Also, the small bags come in jute and the larger size have gorgeous bamboo handles.

Naturally perfect gifts
Naturally perfect gifts

Aloe Vera (for those with fair hair)
Chocolate (great for brunettes)
Lavender & Geranium (great for everyone with a wonderful aroma)

The larger bags also contain matching shower gel/foam bath and a bar of soap.

Faith in Nature fill their shampoos with high levels of essential oils and herbal extracts to care for your hair. The complementary conditioners gently coat and lubricate each strand of hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

The bags make such perfect gifts because Faith in Nature pride themselves on the purity of the natural ingredients they use. All their products also carry the White Rabbit logo to show Faith in Nature ‘s dedication to prevention of animal cruelty in the production of toiletries.

Toiletry range friendly to your kids, and the earth

It makes sense that by caring for the earth we should be caring for the ones we love most.

Simple ideas like that can revolutionise your life.

When you buy something to keep a baby clean it must never be dangerous to a child. And it’s logical that what we use for our children should never be a threat to the environment either.

That’s why, as much as possible, Earth Friendly Baby’s creams and wipes come from natural sources. Ingredients harvested from plants are chosen because they work in harmony with your body, and the earth. Artificial colouring or synthetic fragrances don’t get a look in.

A child’s bubble bath should be fun for everyone, including your peace of mind.

A baby cream should soothe and calm and bring inspiration to your conscience.

A child friendly handwash should keep germs at bay and help kids think about the world around them.

That’s the way a sensible life works.

Earth Friendly Baby and Kids products are made to help your family get the very best out of life – at a price everyone can afford.