Italian crackers you can be proud of

Beautiful Italian crackers

You can always taste quality.

Organico’s Croccantini are a perfect example.

Literally tiny artisan crackers, these perfect treasures will have you ‘wowing’ from the first bite.

Crisp, pleasant and bristling with flavour, these organic mini flatbreads come in 3 simple flavours: classic, chilli and rosemary.

There’s not much more to say, except…



Mad on crisps… You will be

Some people are mad on crisps.

Brown Bag Crisps - the flavour sings out
Brown Bag Crisps - the flavour sings out

Some, even spend hours in the kitchen, working into the night to create the perfect crisp. But they are justified when they start winning awards for their flavours.

Crispmakers, for example, like Phil Lambe of Brown Bag Crisps, who has reinvented the crisp by gently hand cooking it in pure olive oil (the only crisps of their kind in the UK). The result is a fabulous, non-greasy crisp where the flavour of the potato really comes out. And, because purity is everything, Brown Bag Crisps have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives giving you crisps of unrivalled quality.

There are:
Lightly Salted Crisps – a pioneering flavour
Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar – with a great fish & chip shop taste
Oak Smoked Chilli – not for the light hearted
Sea Salt & Black Pepper – a warming tast sensation
Mature Cheddar, Manchego & Onion – this favourite comes with a twist

Taste your heritage with these ancient flours

I was thrilled and amazed when I first learned that there were different types of wheat.

Why? Perhaps because this city-boy was waking up to the fact that food didn’t have to be subjected to a supermarket monoculture, or perhaps because it was like touching the past – grains that hadn’t been tasted for years could be revived and bring a new consciousness to the troubled British palate.

Bread means power and knowledge is freedom and this was a heady combination of both.

Bake a piece of history
Bake a piece of history

How many people do you know who have tasted the 10,000 year old Einkorn grain with its fine, nutty, aromatic flavour and greater nutritional value? Or how about a taste of the Renaissance with Bartholomew andApril Bearded Heritage Flour varieties of wheat which bake into a dark, wheaty, intense loaf.

If you are into creating something new, while plunging your hands into a sense of the past, you’ll want to try these new Doves organic flours.

I’m just hoping that they’ll be able to produce the original Emmer wheat as well.

Win a box of vegan food

How many ethical companies can you think of?

I know about one company that searches globally for local farmers and food producers, checks whether the foods are organic, environmentally sustainable and pure. It also seeks to make sure that it’s investment will support the local community where the food is grown.

They have a singular commitment to quality, are are always on the lookout forĀ  new foods.

Quality food from Clearspring
Quality food from Clearspring

To celebrate Clearspring’s amazing standard and innovation I’ve got a lovely box of their vegan products to give away (and a special offer for everyone who enters). So, if you’d like to be in with a chance to win send an email with the subject Clearspring Box and include your address details (UK addresses only, competition closes 24.2.11).

The box will include their new organic corn cakes, rice cakes (black sesame, sea vegetable and teriyaki flavour), instant miso and soya sauce noodles, the world’s first ambient organic tofu and their fruit spreads (apricot, blueberry, cherry, raspberry and apricot).