Manuka Honey and Cider Vinegar – a winning combination

manuka honey and cider vinegar
Healing combination

Some people would swear by cider vinegar for treating weight loss, rheumatism, blood pressure and more.

Others will tell you that manuka honey is the elixir of life, its antibacterial and antioxidant properties can be used to treat complaints internally and externally.

So, why not combine them together?

The wonderfully named Picklecoombe House are doing just that with an active 5+ Manuka Honey & Cider Vinegar.

I’m looking forward to hearing what folk are going to say about this!


Faithfully healthy hair

After thirty years experience in natural hair and skin careFaith in Nature have gained a lot of experience and know-how as to what makes a good product.

Put faith back in your hair
Put faith back in your hair

Their newest range of twin-pack shampoos and conditioners is no exception to the rule! The shampoos are packed with high levels of essential oils and herbal extracts to care for your hair, while the complementary conditioners gently coat and lubricate each strand of hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

It’s little wonder their range of natural beauty products has won so many awards!All of Faith in Nature’s products are developed with aromatherapy oils to nourish the hair and scalp using only natural ingredients which care for the environment.

So here’s the latest range:

Seaweed Shampoo and Conditioner – Seaweed is full of minerals and proteins that are highly beneficial to your hair and it is also a strong antioxident, meaning that it will reduce cellular damage.

Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner – Organic Aloe Vera contains many enzymes and amino acids which have been proven to benefit your hair and particularly dry scalps.

Lavender & Geranium Shampoo and Conditioner –  Blended for normal to dry hair to restore and soothe your hair and scalp with natural antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. It also strengthens the hair and balances over secretion of oils from the scalp.

Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner – Rosemary is reputed for promoting hair growth and colour while also improving scalp condition. It is particularly effective after illnesses which can cause scurf or dandruff.

Life enhancing natural supplements – introducing the Reds series

If you’re feeling washed out you might want to try Spirulina.

The advantage of spirulina is that it is a sea vegetable containing the richest known concentration of nutrients of any food. It contains every nutrient required by the human body in an easily absorbable form.

The supplement firm, Lifestream, have combined their organic spirulina with the organic fruit acerola, a rich source of Vitamin C, to provide excellent support for your immune system.

7 berries of power
7 power berries

Lifestream’s Reds combination supplements

You may also want to try Lifestream’s Reds Acai, which actually blends together the organic and antioxidant power of seven superberries: acai, pomegranate, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and one you may not have heard of: the noni berry from the Pacific.

Nutrients for life
Nutrients for life

As well as providing an energy lift the antioxidants will benefit your immune system and support anti-aging for your body.

Boost weight-loss
Boost weight-loss

Another life-maxing combination is Lifestream’s synergy of Resveratrol and Tart Cherry, again rich in antioxidants for improved energy and health, but also beneficial to sleep, heart health and your body’s joints.

Finally, Lifestream have also combined the acai berry and ‘fucoxanthin’ from the kombu seaweed to produce a supplement for weight management called Fucocai. Acai is well known for supporting weight loss and kombu is a food which helps raise the metabolism meaning you burn your calories faster.

Bathe in pomegranates for a night of love (well almost)

I have a love affair with pomegranates. Most of humanity has. They keep popping up in folklore stretching back to the beginning of time.

But then it’s not surprising… Pomegranate is reputed to be very helpful for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis and sunburn and, when it comes to hair, pomegranate oil will transform lifeless locks to give them a radiant healthy looking sheen.

Anti-oxidant rich body and hair treatment
Pomegranates: for anti-oxidant rich body and hair treatment

All of which explains why Faith In Nature, producers of natural and vegan beauty products, combine Pomegranate with the antioxidant properties of Rooibos for its latest set of bath foam, shampoo and conditioner.

They say, “The result is gentle, yet effective formulations that are environmentally responsible and free from parabens, SLES and other nasties too.”

Pomegranate is also known for encouraging love, so the range might be the perfect thing to use just before that all important date.

Tablet to keep the mind active not naturally available in UK

Ginkgo biloba is the world’s oldest type of tree (the Maidenhair tree). Now humans are harvesting these 1000 year old trees to look after them in old age.

Ginkgo Biloba, leaves from the oldest tree help with old age
Ginkgo Biloba, leaves from the oldest tree help with old age

The leaves are used for impaired memory, poor concentration and circulation, particularly to hands and feet.

However, the trees are not natural to the UK, which means you won’t find it readily available in your diet. To gain the benefits of ginkgo biloba the best advice is for you to take it in tablet form.

After all to get anywhere near 1000 years old, you’re going to need some help aren’t you?

A course of biloba supplements keeps your blood vessels elastic and helps prevent blood clotting. Their powerful antioxidant property can keep your mind and body operating efficiently in old age.

In fact a British study of biloba products revealed that Bio-Biloba has the highest antioxidant activity of all.

Biloba is also good for treating depression, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, vertigo and vitiligo. If you want an aid in fighting the free-radicals which lead to deterioration in later years it’s worth investing in nature’s oldest remedy.

Cherry Active is a winner

CherryActive Concentrate and capsules are well known for their benefits to sports people for joint mobility and muscle recovery, as well as aiding regular sleep patterns. CherryActive is, in fact a firm favourite and has been a well established nutritional supplement and well acclaimed anti-oxidant for a while.

Tart Cherry Juice

So what is the news?  Cherry Active has recently been voted the best supplement for 2009.  Acclaimed for the things mentioned above, CherryActive is made from the Montmorency Cherry, or Tart Cherry. It is processed using special techniques which optimise their powerful antioxidant properties. These tart cherries are such a rich, natural source of anti-oxidants and flavonoids that just 30ml of Cherry Active has been shown to have the antioxidant capacity of over 20 typical portions of fruit and veg. No wonder it was a winner.

Cherry Active product range is quite varied to suit all needs:

Cherry Active Juice 946ml

Cherry Active Juice concentrate 473 ml

Cherry Active OAD caps 30 c

Cherry Active OAD caps 60 c