A healthier protein powder made from raw sprouted brown rice

I like fitness, but I’ve never added protein to my food to help build muscle.

However, when you see rugby players using the stuff you realise it undoubtedly has benefits for those with a demanding training regime.

vegan protein powder
Made from sprouted grains

A new 100% Brown Rice Protein from Pulsin shows how nutritious extra protein can be. They use raw, sprouted grains to harvest nutrients from the rice at its most potent – the result is a protein powder that has a 98% correlation with mother’s milk.

It is made unflavoured and unsweetened without any artificial additives and, as a vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soya free protein powder, is suitable for almost any diet.

Comparing it to other protein powders it has more protein and fibre than your average whey protein and less fat than hemp protein, so, not bad if you’re looking for a healthier source of raw protein power.

Love, love, love chocolate! Spoil your loved one on Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a loved one of many years…

Valentine's Chocolate Hamper
Valentine’s Chocolate Hamper – can you think of a better way to say I Love You?

A new love you’re excited about….

Or  someone you just dream of…

Or maybe a really close friend you truly appreciate…  When you say ‘I Love You!’, you’ll want to do it properly and show them you mean it!

So, in order to help you show that special someone you love them, we have put together a special  Chocoholics Valentines Day Hamper!

We have hand selected some delicious chocolate products from the finest ranges stocked at GoodnessDirect and will deliver them together in a delightful, lidded wicker hamper, completed with a hand made bow.

A beautiful gift for that loved one!

In this wonderful hamper there is: Landgarten Chocolate Coated Cherries,
Montezuma’s Valentine’s Quad Truffle Box, Divine Fairtrade Cocoa, Green and Blacks Maya Gold, Milk Chocolate and Butterscotch, Divine Dark, Milk and White Strawberry Hearts.

Of course, you can put together your own hamper using our hamper service for a more personal gift suited specifically to your Valentine. Simply buy a gift hamper on the website and place in your basket all the things you would like in it and it will be hand wrapped with the same love and care as the ready made hampers.

Some things just seem right in life… like handmade soap

There are some things in life which just seem right.

Such as handmade elderflower & apple soap.

handmade soap
Naturally moisturising Elderflower & Apple Soap

It’s the kind of thing that you could take into the shower and everything would seem right with the world.

Suma’s gorgeous handmade soaps are blended from the finest quality coconut and palm oils and do not contain preservatives. They’re made in such a way to make the soap foam up as a natural moisturiser.

The ethical credentials are hard to beat too. Manufactured locally and suitable for vegans, not tested on animals and blended from the finest quality oils.

Suma make a variety of ‘flavours’ of soap which are worth trying. Get some, and ease your mind as well as your body.

Enthuse the Yuletide spirit with essential oils

If you’re not feeling festive enough yet, you can conjure up the yuletide spirit with the help of a little bottle of essential oils.

Christmas essential oils
It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

I love things that are sensory this time of year, log fires, mulled wine, fine cheeses and a good glass of port!

I better stop before I get carried away!

For all those dreams in the drop of a bottle you could try Aqua Oleum’s evocative blend of frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, cypress, pine, orange and clove bud oils. Just the thing to get you in the mood.

Add it to a homemade freshening spray or candle defuser, your potpourri or rub it into the furniture.

Sustainable tissue paper made from sugar cane? Almost good enought to eat!

To my shame, my first thought when I read about tissues made from sugar cane was, “Can you eat them?”

Papura tissues are made almost entirely from sugar cane
Tissues made almost entirely from sugar cane

Papura make face tissues and toilet tissue from the left over straw of sugar cane stalks.

Normally, the straw would be thrown away, but instead Papura recycle the straw after the sugar has been extracted. (So, no, it’s not edible.)

No bleach or other nasty chemicals are used to make Papura tissues either, just a gentle disinfectant – that means they’re ideal for sensitive skin.

Sensitive. Sustainable. Recycled from the straw of sugar cane. Soft on the environment and soft on you? Just one word comes to mind…


Many women are ignorant about the chemicals in their make-up

This organic September it’s worth remembering that organics isn’t just about food it’s about cosmetics as well, and the chemicals which women are putting on their faces.

As this video reports:


Green People are vegan and aim for 100% organic ingredients in their skin care, body care and sensitive skin ranges, including scent-free solutions for people with skin allergies, eczema and psoriasis.

Olympic runner Stuart Stokes relies on coconut oil

Coconut oil helps athletes
Coconut oil helps athletes

Stuart Stokes uses Tiana Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Oil.

He chose it for Team GB to enable him and the team to perform even better at this summer’s London Olympics.

In his words, Stuart describes why he chose Tiana Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

“As the oldest male member of the athletics team for this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the need for me to look after my body is higher than ever.

“Combining Training twice each day, working full time as a PE teacher and having two young children of my own, my energy demands are massive, as is the need for me to remain healthy at all times.

“I have found Tiana Organic Raw Coconut Oil has assisted me over the past 2 years, so that I can combine the busy life I have, whilst also pursuing my lifelong dream of competing in the Olympic Games. It has strengthened my immune system and allowed me to train and recover in order for me to operate at the highest level possible in sport.

Tiana has helped my dreams come true.”

Tiana’s fairtrade and organic coconut oil has also won the “Janey Loves” Platinum Award, nominated by Janey Lee Grace and the Board of UK Nutritionists.

As a Fair Trade importer, Tiana helps coconut farmers in the Philippines to achieve a better life and to invest in education, health care and the entire community.