Beautiful coral-shaped candles

Beeswax Candle
Beeswax candle made entirely from renewable resources

I remember the first time I learnt about beeswax.

It’s amazing how many uses it has…

Lip balm, polish, crayons, sealant, waterproofing and lubricant to name a few.

But the really interesting thing for me is that burning beeswax candles is believed to ionise the air and rid it of pollutants and so it’s useful to people with skin and breathing sensitivities.

Beeswax also burns very slowly and produces a honeyed scent and, of course, it’s a natural substance straight from mother nature.

Candles Naturally make beautiful coral like beeswax candles with attention to environmental sustainability. The coral structure glows like a lantern while the wax burns down inside, leaving the elegant structure of the shell behind.

True to their environmental instincts they only harvest the wax after the bees have left the hive so that no bees are harmed in the process.

The company makes a lot more besides beeswax candles too, including Coconut Shell Candle with essential oils made from sustainable soy oil, which burns for approximately 40 hours!

Hayfever season will last an extra month. Stay protected.

The chaotic weather means that high levels of pollen will continue well into August.

While rain normally suppresses pollen, it helps the flowers grow and store up even more pollen which is released during the warm sunny spells. Any wind just makes the situation worse.

It’s led to a high number of calls to NHS Direct from hayfever sufferers, which isn’t surprising as pollen counts have climbed to double the amount seen in the last couple of years.

If you’d like to increase your protection I’d highly recommend Haymax which is made from beeswax and can be used to stop pollen getting up your nose and irritating your eyes.

People are experiencing eye problems, sneezing and runny noses, and then there’s the more serious issue of asthma attacks too. Hayfever can make some people’s lives intolerable.


The ‘free from’ times, they are a changing… for the better!

Everyone’s getting excited about this year’s Allergy & Free From Show this May. It’s the biggest event yet for everyone affected by an allergy or intolerance with the latest products, information and up-to-date support.

Tickets are free so come and see us there.

Tom Treverton, Event Director at The Allergy & Free From Show, tells us how it’s going…

As our team enters the home straight towards this year’s Allergy & Free From Show (18 – 20 May, Olympia, London), our third edition as organisers, the excitement in the office is really building.

This is an event that we all love working on. Since we took it on in 2010, year-on-year growth (in terms of visitors, exhibitors and sponsors) has been staggering. 2012 is set for another record year; pre-show ticket registrations are already 4,000 higher than they were at this stage in 2011 (and last year’s show ultimately attracted over 10,000 visitors!).

Naturally, these kinds of trends will make any event organiser very happy, though they are certainly not the only reasons we enjoy working hard to progress this show each year.

Another massive reason: this is an extremely important event to our visitors, because it’s the only UK public-facing show that exists for people living any kind of ‘free from’ life, for reasons of health (i.e. due to allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease, chemical sensitivities) or lifestyle. Our job is to provide the best possible live forum, where visitors can discover product / treatment solutions and take control.

In direct contrast to the woefully inadequate UK provisions of skilled healthcare professionals in this space (supply still nowhere near demand!), we are constantly amazed by the incredible number of fantastic ‘free from’ products that are emerging – seemingly on a daily basis – and are becoming part of the show! These are positive changes; this constant influx of improved products and new choices can only enrich the visitor experience.

We’ve instigated a few changes of our own. The show will take residence in the larger, recently completed West Hall at Olympia, London. We’ve also tweaked our show name, replacing ‘gluten free’ with ‘free from’, in order to better reflect what the show has become. Yes, we are (and will always remain) 100% committed to serving those that need to exclude gluten from their diets, BUT we also exist for those living free from… nuts, dairy, eggs, soya, wheat, pet hair, dust mites and pollen (to name just a few!).

A final change… there will be two editions of the show in 2012! Alongside the London show in May, we are launching a northern edition of the event, taking place later in the year in Liverpool from 27 – 28 October. We can’t wait to replicate the buzz of the London show on Merseyside.

The UK ‘free from’ market is rapidly maturing, and is undoubtedly one of the best on the planet. We relish working on a show that’s right at the heart of that market and delivering a multi-sensory, exciting live event that places the leading brands alongside the thousands of people that are looking to discover them!

See you on the show floor!

Tom Treverton, Event Director, The Allergy & Free From Show

London show: 18 – 20 May 2012, West Hall, Olympia, London
Liverpool show: 27 – 28 October, BT Convention Centre, Liverpool.
Tickets: Access FREE tickets for either show at
Exhibiting enq: / +44 (0)1442 289927

Free tickets to The Allergy and Free From Show: 18-20 May 2012

Got an allergy? Is your diet Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Casein Free, Lactose Free, Wheat Free, Yeast Free?

The Allergy & Free From Show 2012 has teamed up with GoodnessDirect to give you unlimited FREE tickets (worth £10 each)!

Taking place from 18 – 20 May at London’s Olympia, this is Europe’s largest public event dedicated to delivering solutions for free from lives. If you suffer from asthma, eczema, sensitive skin, hay fever, chemical sensitivities, food intolerance, coeliac disease or other allergies or intolerances then this is for you.

Last year’s event was an enormous success…

This year there are more free from features and exhibitors than ever before:

  • Try and buy the latest free from foods, skincare and household products
  • Consultations, seminars and workshops with the UK’s top Allergists, Dieticians and other specialists
  • Free from cooking demonstrations
  • Charities, support groups and thousands of like-minded attendees

And a host of additional exciting content!

Come and see us there (Stand 135) for free…

Book unlimited free tickets for you, your friends, family and colleagues at

The UK’s biggest allergy show is coming soon – bigger and better – and GoodnessDirect will be there

We’re getting excited about the upcoming Allergy & Gluten Free Show this May. It’s the best chance for everyone affected by an allergy to get the latest information and up-to-date support. And tickets are free.

Here’s a behind the scenes peek at everything that’s going on…

News from the show floor…
The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2011
Tom Treverton, Event Director

Come and see us...<br> 6-8 May, 2011
Come and see us... 6-8 May, 2011

Working on live events presents certain challenges. Like a number of other professions, months and months of hard work boil down to a brief moment in time, where all elements must seamlessly converge to deliver fantastic experiences for visitors.

Consequently, your working life becomes markedly improved when an event concept falls onto your desk that both energises and inspires. A concept craved for by the sector it represents, one that delivers genuine answers to questions as yet unanswered, and one that resultantly fulfils a ‘need’ sought after by a sizeable chunk of the UK population. The Allergy & Gluten Free Show is one such event.

This year’s show…
It’s taking place at London’s Olympia from 6 – 8 May 2011. This is the UK’s most comprehensive live forum on allergies, intolerances and autoimmune diseases (like coeliac disease), delivering the largest annual gathering of people with these conditions, as well as the leading health professionals that treat them.

We became involved in the show because we recognise the scale of its potential importance. In the UK, approximately one third of the population will develop an allergy at some point in their lives, with around 30 million estimated to have a food intolerance.

However, this major UK health issue is serviced by an alarmingly small number of experts. Poor NHS provision of skilled professionals means that supply does not meet demand, particularly at a primary care level (where insufficient training ensures sub standard advice).

The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2011 is the only major exhibition designed to plug the knowledge gap, allowing members of the public to discover treatment and product solutions (thus taking control of their conditions) and health care professionals to access a high level of training to improve their service.

What you’ll find there…
First and foremost, this is a show for the public, and we are thrilled with the way the 2011 event is shaping up. Our objective is to make the show something that will both educate and entertain in equal measure; providing the best advice from prominent Consultants, charities, associations and brands, accessible via a diverse range of interactive content platforms.

Food is a massive part of the show. In addition to over 50% of the show floor being packed with ‘free from’ food producers, we are planning three days of…

  • Public seminars from healthcare specialists, including Consultants and Dieticians.
  • ‘Free from’ cooking demonstrations from top chefs.
  • Parent workshops (with strong dietary focuses).
  • Food related product and treatment demonstrations.

We are just weeks away now and the excitement is building amongst the organising team. Thousands more people are signed up to attend than at this stage last year, content programmes are almost complete and we already have more exhibitors than the show has ever attracted.

We are delighted that GoodnessDirect is one of the show’s partners, and will be exhibiting at the event (stand 42).

Indeed, via our partnership visitors to can attend the show free of charge. To generate unlimited free tickets, visit Simply enter a few details, click ‘submit’ and print out a personalised show ticket (worth £10!). his process can be repeated infinitely to produce additional tickets for friends and family.

See you on the show floor!

Tom Treverton, Event Director

Key details
Event: The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2011
Date: 6 – 8 May 2011
Location: Olympia 2, London, W14 8UX
Tickets: Free, courtesy of GoodnessDirect at

Natural ways to defeat hayfever – how about kissing (and other options)

Only in Japan would researchers ask couples to kiss for 30 minutes to find a cure for hayfever.

Hayfever season... kiss me quick!
Hayfever season... kiss me quick!

But apparently scientists from the Satou hospital discovered that a good ol’ smooch will lower your histamine level which means you sneeze less.

But for those of us who haven’t got the time or perhaps a willing partner for so much loving, there are other natural alternatives to anti-histamine drugs which dry you up and leave you drowsy.

I have to say that the most encouraging natural solution I’ve seen out there is HayMax – a pollen blocking cream which you can rub just under nose. Many people testify to it’s fantastic results.

But I also have a friend whose husband used a homeopathic tincture – his hayfever was very bad – New Era H For Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis might work well for you.

To really beat the hayfever blues the natural way you have to look at your diet and overall fitness. Eating the right foods really will build up your defences. For example garlic and horseradish are both good for sinus problems, garlic in particular is extremely anti-inflammatory and great for your immune system.

Fortunately, natural healers like garlic and echinacea are used in Potter’s Allerclear range, so immediate relief is available. It may pay to invest in their nasal spray, eye-drops and tablets.

Long term

For longer term solutions start early in the year before the pollen season hits.

Maximise your Vitamin C levels. This not only supports the immune system, but assists the body’s defences against too much histamine. It can also help reduce the release of histamine.

Eat vegetables rich in colour – the bioflavanoids will boost the Vitamin C effect and repress histamine even more. Quercetin particularly is a natural antihistamine and can be found in red and yellow onions, shallots, squash, courgettes, and broccoli. However, to get your entire quota you’d need to take quercetin in tablet form.

If you already have lots of antioxidant and omega 3 foods in your cupboard, you are doing well. Food with these properties have been found to defend against inflammation.

Also stock up on your nettle tea as your common stinging nettle also has immune-boosting properties and anti-inflammatory agents. A daily teaspoon of local honey in your tea is beneficial.

Final tip

A little tip I’ve picked up is to simply cover your bedding with a blanket during the day. This will ensure your pillow won’t be covered with pollen and give you a much easier night’s sleep.

Nelsons Pollena

Over half of us (53 per cent) suffer from hay fever and other allergies and in just under 30 years scientists estimate we might all be suffering from an allergy.

The really bad news is that people can suffer all year, with tree pollen starting as early as February, with grasses through the summer and mould spores right up to October. Hay fever sufferers reluctant to endure the potential drowsiness of traditional antihistamines (especially at exam time…) will be relieved to hear that homeopathic medicines really do work.*

Nelsons Pollenna has been formulated into easy to take tablets that contain a specially selected combination of natural remedies to bring soothing relief to the trials of sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes and throat. The homeopathic ingredients are:

Allium cepa, or red onion, helps with irritation to the eyes using the homeopathic principle that like treats like – that is, a substance which in large doses produces the symptoms of a disease will, in small doses, cure that disease.

Euphrasia, or eyebright, is good for treating sneezing and eyes that water all the time.

Sabadilla helps relieve spasmodic sneezing with a runny nose.

For best results take Pollenna when hay fever symptoms first appear, suck or chew tablets at two hourly intervals for six doses, then three times daily until symptoms subside.

Other tips recommended to hay fever sufferers: **

  • In the summer stay inside between 5pm and 7pm, when pollen counts are usually high. Keep windows and doors closed, especially at these times and when sleeping
  • Turn up the air conditioning whenever possible to help remove allergens from the air
  • Shower before going to be to remove the pollen
  • Damp dust and vacuum your home regularly, to keep irritating pollens and dust to a minimum
  • Air bedclothes in direct sunlight
  • Check out the pollen count (usually broadcast along with the weather) and avoid areas of high pollen concentration, e.g. long grass, lawn mowing and trees if allergic to these
  • Wear sunglasses, they can help protect the eyes from pollens in the air
  • Avoid smoke and chemical fumes
    * Recent research from Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital shows taht homeopathy can help hay fever sufferers. The research, published in the British Medical Journal reported that in a double blind study involving 50 subjects with perennial allergenic rhinitis, those taking a homeopathic treatment showed a 28% improvement in symptoms compared to the placebo group.

    **European Pollen Information –