New Instagram competition – free chocolate!

Instagram GoodnessDirect photo
Win chocolate! Use the tag #GoodnessDirect

We’ve got lots of photos on a social site called Instagram.

Take a look:

Many of them are from GoodnessDirect customers. But we’re hungry for more…

So, each week we’ll send free chocolate for the best Instagram photo of the week. But, it must feature a product you can get at GoodnessDirect and be tagged #GoodnessDirect.

How to play

It’s simple. All you have to do is snap your shot and upload it using the Instagram app on your smartphone and tag it with the word ‘#GoodnessDirect’ and we’ll choose the best photo (UK addresses only I’m afraid.)

Be creative! It doesn’t have to be the product in its wrapper, it could be just the wrapper after you’ve eaten it! Or it could be a whole meal! For example, it’s Burns Night coming up on the 26th January, you could take a shot of everyone tucking into a Macsweens vegetarian haggis. But don’t forget to tag your photo with #GoodnessDirect so we can find it.

If you’re new to Instagram you can download the app by going to the Instagram homepage. For any questions email

My secret love of health shops

I love health shops.  

The first thing I noticed as a child would be the smell upon entering…

Either an earthy air of wholesomeness or an atmosphere rich with the aroma of exotic dainties.

There was always something new and a little different to try in there.

Nowadays, there are so many new exotic foods to try you’d need a whole warehouse to stock them, which is where comes in! While we’d encourage you to shop local, we actually stock a lot of healthfood shops and it’s still generally cheaper  to order online than pop out in the car.

GoodnessDirect is still replete with new exotic foods. For example, has anyone heard of Inca Berries?

Inca Berries
A supersweet superfood

Inca berries

Another fruit to add to the supefood list, The Inca Berry is sweet to the point of being tart and can be eaten dried or baked into biscuits cakes (or combined with cheese if you’re the adventurous sort). They are, of course, full of antioxidants, high in fiber (more than prunes) and a great source of vitamin B12 – to the point that Inca Berry lovers often report increased energy and mental sharpness.

Inca Berries are just one of many dried fruits packed for retail by Eat Goodness, the Goodness range also includes nuts and exotic flour.

Just the sort of thing you’d expect to find in a good health food shop.

The best of the world’s superfoods in your hand

Nature. It still offers us the best for our health.

But as much as we try to improve it, we can’t replace it.

That’s why we’ve woken up to the power of superfoods. Natural health elixirs which provide for our bodies in dynamic, indispensable ways.

There are so many to mention and we’re discovering more all the time: Saffron, Pomegranate, Goji, Buckthorn to name a few.

It seems like there are too many to keep up with. What about recent developments we might not have heard of? Like Reishi or Steviana?

Well a brand, under the name of Superfoods, is taking the best of nature’s high quality ingredients and providing them as supplements for your needs which hopefully means you can get your hands on what you want, when you want it.

They have a massive list and GoodnessDirect are beginning to stock them up, so keep your eye on Superfoods and watch the list grow.

The wholefoods revolution

Fifty years ago healthy eating consisted of milk, eggs, fruit and veg with a lot more carbs on the plate too. There was no such thing as a health food shop.

Then the social revolution of the 1960s affected everything, even the way we ate. People began to think about consuming a more natural, healthier diet than spam and chips. Nutritious food like brown rice and chick peas became apparent, and now there are countless varieties of food and styles of food such as wholefoods, organic, raw, macrobiotic, superfoods, the list goes on.

Eat Goodness wholefoods
Eat Goodness wholefoods

But there is still a desire to make healthy food more enjoyable, something which looks after our bodies and the planet, all the while keeping it as natural as possible without any artificial flavours or aditives.

At GoodnessDirect we sell an enormous selection of good foods: dried fruits, savoury snacks, seeds, nuts, muesli, spices; you name it, we probably stock it. And we’re always looking to increase our range of basic wholefoods, consider trying wasabi or satay broad beans for example or gaining a nutritional boost from dried blueberries.

Has the revolution been successful? Well, who eats spam anymore?

Free tickets to The Allergy and Free From Show: 18-20 May 2012

Got an allergy? Is your diet Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Casein Free, Lactose Free, Wheat Free, Yeast Free?

The Allergy & Free From Show 2012 has teamed up with GoodnessDirect to give you unlimited FREE tickets (worth £10 each)!

Taking place from 18 – 20 May at London’s Olympia, this is Europe’s largest public event dedicated to delivering solutions for free from lives. If you suffer from asthma, eczema, sensitive skin, hay fever, chemical sensitivities, food intolerance, coeliac disease or other allergies or intolerances then this is for you.

Last year’s event was an enormous success…

This year there are more free from features and exhibitors than ever before:

  • Try and buy the latest free from foods, skincare and household products
  • Consultations, seminars and workshops with the UK’s top Allergists, Dieticians and other specialists
  • Free from cooking demonstrations
  • Charities, support groups and thousands of like-minded attendees

And a host of additional exciting content!

Come and see us there (Stand 135) for free…

Book unlimited free tickets for you, your friends, family and colleagues at

What our customers have to say about GoodnessDirect’s service

What our customers think of us

Thanks for all the compliments we get about our products and our service, we are overwhelmed!


I’ve had a lovely time this evening browsing your website, and have just
placed my order. I could happily have gone on searching and buying for
several more hours though (but bet my bank manager is glad I didn’t)!

I’m a totally blind person, and use a screenreader (nasty synthetic
voice, but hey, it works!) to access the internet. It’s so much more
rewarding shopping online for people like me, as we can really “look
around”. And your website is absolutely brilliant … one of the most
accessible I’ve ever come across. Well done, and huge thanks. I
especially love being able to check ingredients (and wish Yogi wouldn’t
put liquorice in nearly all their teas for sweetness; I hate it).

I’ve been a Goodness Direct customer for a while, but have never got
round to thanking you for such a useable website before, although I
think it every time I log on, and have recommended you to loads of

Many thanks again, and please do bask in the praise, which is richly

I look forward to receiving this next order, and many more in the

With best wishes to all,

Claire Wilson (Cambridge)
A very, very happy customer
Great service as always – K Harrison

Just want to thank you for good customer service. I was desperate for some of the items before the long bank hol weekend at the beginning of may and rang you to enquire about the likelihood of the products arriving so that I could make alternative arrangements to travel to buy some of them (hemp milk) which was possible but not without lots of travel! The person who took the call said they would try their best to get the order out that day and sure enough it arrive the day after on the thurs 28th. I just felt that everything was done to allow me to get the order (which was my mistake in not ordering it in good time – only ordered v late tues night). I wasn’t made to feel bad for ringing and making my gentle enquiry and I felt nothing was too much trouble. It was my second order – my first came very promptly. With a good range of products, great customer service and prompt deliveries I think you can expect that i will become a regular. Thanks again. R Turner
GD is amazing, always a good shopping experience, thank you x.
THANK YOU for giving us the best organic internet store in the UK. A Kaloyan

Hello to all at Goodness Direct.

I have been ordering from you regularly for a while now and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service.

I am housebound through chronic illness and need a special diet to feel ‘less worse’, and it would not be possible without the wide range of products you offer and the tailored needs you address, as well as your fabulous and efficient delivery service, and the free delivery for larger orders.

Likewise, I had to stop working last October as my health was deteriorating, and I have found your loyalty point system a very compassionate and caring thing to offer. By writing reviews regularly I get precious points to buy and try lovely stuff I couldn’t afford otherwise, and make my highly restricted diet more interesting, and my housebound days more rewarding, all that in the view of regaining my health!

SO a big thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

I also wish to add that any time there has been a mistake it has been dealt with very kindly and professionally, and that makes all the difference. You don’t even get treated like that in local shops!

The only thing I regret is that you don’t seem to stock some macrobiotic prodcts which I used to order, such as amazaké, dentie powder, big pack of chestnuts or large toasted nori. What is the reason for this? I would love to be able to buy them again, and you were my only decent supplier!

But apart from that I am more than 100% per cent satisfied, and feel like I have real, dedicated friends in you!

All the best from me, and long may you be there!

Y Morel

Service and website is far superior to another company I have recently tried. I am a very happy customer,
thank you very much. C Finzi

I have just received my order of a gift hamper and would just like to say how delighted I am with it! The presentation is beautiful.
Thank you very, very much. P Hubber

I have just received my frozen food and just want to say how please I am with the way it arrived. In fact it was more frozen than when I go and get it from my health shop. I will be using you again and will mention you to my Vegan friends. The reason I ordered from you is that my health shop does not always keep a good stock of what I want. M Lovell

Brilliant as ever! I know I can rely on you to deliver the products that I need when I need them. My gluten free cookie treat was very much appreciated and unexpected, and just one of the many reasons why I keep coming back – excellent products, excellent prices and lots of variety!! Who needs anything more? L Head

I am extremely pleased at the way that your staff handle mistakes and misunderstandings. You are a pleasure to deal with.
C Medd

Superb and easy service. A very good and easy to use site for someone like myself who is blind and has to use a screen reader. Excellent all round and will use again and recommend to others. 10/10
G Griffiths

GoodnessDirect is my preferred online food shop – excellent selection and excellent service!
J Sayer.

Excellent and efficient. Will definitely shop with gdirect again.
R Davidson

Fantastic site, easy to use, very organised, well planned. Fantastic food, great choice, will be back for more. Thanks.
N Hayes

Your company is the one place I can trust to get it right!
C Shekerie

My first time order was actually delivered in less than 24 hours and in perfect condition. Exceptional service, thank you, I will be ordering more from you.
G Manley

Excellent service!! Many thanks!!
L Majid

My first order was broken and i was amazed at how this was handled, I was over the moon to receive my full order again two days later what amazing service, from now on you have a customer for life, I was overjoyed by the way you treat your customers. Its nice to know that there is still such great service, well done!
C Pinkney

Everything about the service was excellent. I was arriving to a self-catered apartment from New York. The order arrived a half hour after I did… it was so easy and meant I didn’t have to run out to the shops as soon as I arrived. Thank you for the service. Also a few of the items are not available locally. Grateful for the service.
H Davis

I love Goodness Direct because they do the legwork for you in the sourcing of premium and principled health food, toiletries, supplements and remedies. It is a one-stop shop which is easy to navigate, and which provides access to excellent information and education through their newsletter and links to Wellness Centre.

As an Alternative Healthcare Practitioner, I can safely recommend GD to my clients as a place where they can easily pick up the supplements, remedies and dietary items that I have suggested they use to enhance my treatments, knowing that they will get them quickly and easily rather than having to shop around. GD’s special diets ranges are a particular bonus as sourcing these products can be a nightmare for some clients and can put them off making the changes. It’s reassuring to know that my clients will get good value for money, and that the customer service is second to none if additional help should be needed.

I shop extensively myself from GD so I know that what I recommend is the best that I, as an informed person, can source, and the site is getting better all the time. Well done, Goodness Direct.
M Gudmundsson

I always get a good service. You save me a heck of a lot of driving. My nearest supermarket is 25 miles away, so you are a godsend.
J Holden

GoodnessDirect, I am soooo pleased I have found a company that can supply loads of different vegan stuff for my very strict daughter. Her sister and I are trying very hard to be vegan and the food we can buy with your company has made it very easy. LOVE IT!!
J Marshall.

My order got here safe and well ……….. ah the joys of GoodnessDirect. Fresh food and reliable.

I was going to drop you an email anyway to say a big thank you as always for such great service. It’s good every time but I’m always staggered by how good. The organic veg box was really amazing I’m spoilt for choice. I had fresh roasted aubergine with melted vegan cheese and cracked black pepper for dinner. I love being vegan, its one of the best choices I ever made but as i was unpacking my stuff today i pondered on how much harder it would be to be a vegan if you folks weren’t there with your super speedy goodies.

As always a big hand a huge thank you for the really great service you provide. If I can ever track down an industry award for best provider of mail order vegan food id be really happy to nominate you .

Thanks again. Elle

From the outset, I felt that I was dealing with real people, who think the way I do
about food and our place in the wider scheme of things. This was borne out by the level of service and the personal response to my getting in touch later.
M Barbour

Really pleased to find a company who have got it right, start to finish! Well done!
S Stamford.

I love your website and newsletters, and think that you stock a fabulous range. It was a godsend to me when I broke my ankle and could not get out. The wheatgrass kits are amazing. They just keep on going way beyond first cutting, and I will never be without them now.
M Gudmundsson

A *more* than perfect shopping experience – as always! Thanks!!!
S Bright

Excellent as always. Brilliant customer service., super quick delivery plus superb products equals an unbeatable company to deal with 🙂
N Quinn

Our first experience of shopping with you was a joy – the site was easy to use and delivery was super-fast . We will definitely be shopping with you again.
Best wishes Jenny and Kevin.

I think this is a great site. It has just the products I want and at the quality I want. Seervice is second to none. Well done and keep up the excellent work. Oh and thank you very much
– Viccy Hall

Excellent – the only online delivery service I have found that gives me stuff I would choose for myself rather than tired fruit.
J Simpson

Great web site. Recommended by my nutritionist.
L Lazaro-Keen.

Order was received in excellent condition , and arrived within forty eight hours, which is excellent for orders to the channel islands. I can always rely on excellent service from Goodness Direct. Many thanks.
F Ferguson

The service you provide is absolutely fantastic – to offer selection of delivery day is particularly brilliant.
J Braithwaite

I didn’t have fresh product, but my merchandise arrived in very good condition and well packaged. Your site was very user friendly. I found exactly what I wanted at a very good price. I will visit site again soon for further offers.
L Clark

You’re one of only a handful of places I can get barley flour!
K Humphries

I was extremely pleased with the speed with which my order was processed and arrived. The website was really friendly and easy to use – not at all frustrating! Thank you.
J Barber

You seem to need to know the brand names to find some things on your site. Better cross referencing might be helpful? Great service though, and fabulous choice! thanks!
L Husband

Dark chocolate covered raisins in smaller quantities, please! You guys are still the best!
A Vine

First order, as we can no longer fine items in local health shops. Excellent service, will definitely shop again.
B Roberts

I used to buy Blue Dragon silken tofu in my local Asda, but it was discontinued about a year ago. I tried to find another supplier at the time but couldn’t. On this occasion, I found a few websites that supplied it but I felt yours was the best. I have been extremely impressed with the whole ordering experience – you seem to have everything covered and I will definitely continue to buy this product from you. The only negative I can find is that you don’t have an excellent option on your feedback form!
S Common

Found your service excellent and really helpful for someone needing to change their eating pattern seriously.
S Gardiner

Very impressed with the speedy delivery. Also, the order was well packed and the food first class. 10 out of 10 on all counts.
R Webster.

Items that fall into more than one category sometimes take time to find, eg potato starch flour. Also, the gluten-free section included lots of items possibly with gluten traces, so I had to check the details of every one. It would be helpful if categorisation was clearer and more watertight.
J Hickman

Excellent service. Many organisations heavily underestimate the importance of postage and packing free. It so obviously defines whether you place a small order or not. Our family have always been of the opinion that say 5% added to the cost of all goods but never charging p and p would invite many more small /medium orders.
D Harris

My order arrived the day after it was placed – a really excellent and efficient service. The goods were very well packed. Thank you,

My wife is a coeliac. Your service was superb. Could not be better. We’ll be back!. Thanks.
M Rainey

A most satisfactory order outcome, my continued custom is guaranteed, many thanks.
S Scott.

I didn’t buy these things for me, but for my mum, who’s a vegan. so as these sites are not my natural habitat it’s really helpful to find a site like yours, which is clear, easy to use and hassle-free. Thanks very much.
A Schenkl

Your service was better than some of the bigger well-known websites – thank you very much for goods delivered on time and in good condition!
R Martin.

One of the easiest eco-shopping sites I’ve used – very good.
A Outram

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is just a note to say thank you so much, my order arrived safely today. The speed and efficiency of the service you provide is exemplary. Considering the seasonal goods I ordered, and how close to the required date we are now, every effort has been made to get my order to me before Easter. The is my first dealing with you and because of this occasion I will be a returning customer from now on. You should be very proud of yourselves. You have an excellent company and brilliant staff.
Yours Faithfully
C Aldridge

I’m really happy with the service and products, would definitely recommend to others and will be using you again. Thanx.
Y Fayyaz

Dear Goodness Direct,

Just received my delivery-its’ the first time I have ordered vegetables from you. I wanted to say Thank You- it felt as if everything in the boxes had been packed with tender loving care-the veg smell delicious-and I had some truly yummy bread (wheat free had to be put on hold it looked so tempting) as a thank you from you. I have previously had a veggie box from Riverford-but I will be changing that to a regular order with you. I follow a macrobiotic eating plan but there is nowhere that stocks macro stuff near to me so a joy to be able to get just about everything I need from the same place. If you had stocked Mooli my day would have been even more perfect.

With brightest blessings to all of you.
K Scott

When you offer the best service the only way is down. Please don’t go down.
E Edgson

I love you Goodness Direct!!

I’m often overseas working and have 2 small kids, but I know whenever I get home I can trust you to deliver my health stuff ASAP. Just received my parcel..perfect.

J Watson-Yarngo

Another great shopping experience!!!!Just wish I’d ordered more!!!!
K Roberts

You have best selection of health foods that i have found.
C Neave

Excellent site & excellent service. Many thanks
M Drasdo

Many thanks for the excellent service we received,the items were very well packed and delivered on time.I shall not only use your company again but recommend to friends.
Again many thanks.
J Durham

Still the best on-line shopping site. Keep up the good work.
S Dunlop

Overall this is a awesome site with awesome service – perhaps one thing i think might benefit the site is if the products had more visual sub-categories – If possible more vegan products : ) I say this on behalf of all my vegan friends as well as it is frustrating when trying to live a compassionate life is made difficult as a result of “lack of products” – Many Thanks again for making life a little easier : )
R Rayner

Overall very impressed and pleased with great service and products from an ethically aware co-operative, keep up the good work folks, as you’re a beacon of hope to health conscious consumers!
A Smith

excellent service, very fast delivery,will be back.

You’re fabulous. Ordered just before 11 a.m. yesterday, and it was here with me before lunch today!!! A box full of frozen booja booja – in perfect condition – you’re fabulous.
Laurie Jo Wright

Stuck for a gift? See the Valentine’s Day Chocoholic Hamper

It’s just a few days away now… I’m beginning to wonder if this year’s Valentine’s stories will be more romantic than usual?

It is a leap year after all, which traditionally allows women to propose to their men on the 29th February. (And don’t forget, if the man refuses he is obliged to buy the woman a new pair of gloves or a silk dress!)

But the gentleman might just be waiting for the 1st May where ancient practice dictates he should leave a hawthorn branch at his sweetheart’s door. (Ladies please note that if you don’t want to marry the man you must replace the branch with a cauliflower…)

At least we are not forced to adopt Italian culture where an over confidence in men’s ability to sing results in many young suitors publically serenading their intended brides. Though the Welshmen among us will have to give up their singing in preference for carving a wooden love-spoon for their amor.

The Valentine's Chocoholic Hamper
The Valentine's Chocoholic Hamper

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s day for goodness sake don’t forget about it!

To help you out GoodnessDirect have put together a Chocoholic’s Valentine’s Hamper to send to a loved one.

What better way to spoil that someone special than with a hamper full of chocolates delivered straight to their door (or workplace)?

The GoodnessDirect hamper service allows you to put whatever you want in your hamper. But the ready-made Valentine’s Chocoholic Hamper is specifically designed as a perfect mix of luxuriously lovely gifts.

The hamper can also include a dictated message in a Valentine’s card for the recipient (written in beautiful handwriting of course).

(Just, please, don’t force us to write “To my dearest Fluffykin”)

Whatever you do, make sure you take the opportunity to spread a little love around.

How to get rid of that slugish feeling

How to overcome constipation, a toxic colon and diarrhoea once and for all.My husband has a stressful job.  He’s the sales manager of an ever growing company.  The expectation to exceed the target (let alone meet it) for that month is always there. Now don’t get me wrong, he enjoys it immensely. He works with a fantastic bunch of people who all pull their weight. No one slacks.  But the pressure and therefore the stress is still there.Why do I tell you this? Well let’s just say stress affects your body in many different ways. For my Husband, Ben, it affects his stomach and digestive system. Which leads me onto my point.

Book Cover
I’ve been reading this book – How to overcome constipation, a toxic colon and diarrhoea once and for all, written by Peter Jackson and I’ve got 10 copies to give away to those that need a little extra help.   Now by the title you would think it was all about, well, poo. But it’s not. Well it is, but its not.

Read on and see how this book has changed my husbands life.

Right from the very moment you put something in your mouth it will affect your bowls in many different ways depending on a very small yet extremely important fact.

How long do you chew your food?

In this day and age we are very busy.  Much of the food we eat is ‘on the go’ so that’s bad for us… and even if it is home made, if we don’t chew enough then its still causing our body stress.

The point of chewing our food is not only to break it down so we can swallow it comfortably, but to get our saliva into the food.  Our saliva is packed with enzymes that help break down the carbohydrates for absorption. It is actually recommended that you chew your food until it has turned to liquid! (meal times have just got longer!)

Next, it travels down to the stomach where the breaking down really begins.  Now if you haven’t chewed your food until it is liquid then your stomach is going to have to break down the lumps. If the food is the ‘Wrong type of food’ (I will get on to that later) then your stomach acids (gastric acid) will find it impossible to dissolve the bonds between the food molecules properly causing your body more stress. Obviously some things take a lot longer to break down and therefore sit in your stomach for several hours before being moved on to the small intestines.

After the stomach comes the small intestine and it is said that 80% of the nutrient absorption takes place in the small intestine. So this is an important place.

If the food you have eaten is either the wrong type of food or hasn’t been broken down enough whilst chewing or by your stomach acids then this can be where the trouble really begins.  Your intestines produce a mucus to help lubricate the digestive tract making it easier for the unwanted food to slip through the colon. HOWEVER if the walls of your colon are coated with unwanted waste from previous attempts of digestion then your gonna get into some trouble!

One of the main points of your colon is to absorb water from the waste on its way through. However if it cant come in contact with it as the walls of your colon are coated then you will end up with what is known as diarrhoea. And this will continue until you start to look after your inners a little more and think about what you are eating.

What should I eat? Wrong foods, right foods.

Well we all know that plenty of fibre is good for us. (especially those that are having a little trouble in the ‘passing’ area) but did you all know there are 2 different types of fibre?  I certainly didn’t until I read this book.

  • Insoluble Fibre
  • Soluble Fibre

Bran FlakesWhat’s  the difference?

>Well, in a nut shell, insoluble fibre will push things through your system but in a fairly rough manor.  For example, you may eat, say bran flakes (made from wheat bran) and they will go through you fairly quickly but in fact they are what’s known as roughage. As they travel through they will have a scratching affect which could make any sensitive situation worse.


Soluble fibre… now that’s a different story.  Found in many fresh vegetables, beans, pulses, whole grains and fruit.  A great source of soluble fibre is oats.  When oats travel through your system, instead of having a scratching affect, they have a cleansing affect.  This means that they clean your colon on the way through, keeping the walls free from anything that is clinging where it shouldn’t be, making the process a lot more comfortable

‘Bad Foods’

Things containing wheat, gluten, dairy, or red meat and sweet things.

What can I eat???

The point isn’t that you need to get rid of all these things completely, but that you need to know just how much of something you are having.  Wheat for example manages to sneak into so many things nower days it’s almost unbelievable! and dairy is not far off either. Our bodies aren’t made to handle the amount of wheat and dairy that many of us consume.

Dairy- People believe that you need to have dairy to make sure you get enough calcium, but actually calcium and magnesium are a double act, so without one the other wont work.  you can get a lot of what you need for calcium and other minerals from the following

  • Sardines
  • Almonds
  • Watercress
  • Parsley
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Walnuts
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Brown Rice
  • Chicken
  • Kelp
  • Molasses

And if your still in doubt then you can always take a calcium & magnesium supplement.

Meat –  Now if you are a meat eater then this bit is going to be a little hard for you to swallow.  It is recommended that you do not have red meat and pork more than once a month!  Both meats are linked to higher risks of colon cancer so from this point alone you should really consider how much you have.  It is actually recommended to have at least 2 days that are completely meat and fish free to give your body time to fully cleanse itself.

Back to my husband.  I have made a few subtle changes to his diet over the past few months.  First I started with his breakfast.  He was eating bran flakes.  Now he eats oat based muesli. This is obvious.  I have swapped the insoluble fibre with a soluble one.  Not only that, but it also has nuts and dried fruit in it.  This is definitely a much better start to the day.

Once he had got used to that I changed his lunch.  He was having a standard white bread sandwich every day, with some fruit and sometimes a piece of cake! Now he has a wheat free pasta dish with vegetables followed by fruit… (and I get the feeling he manages to sneak the odd cake now and again) but the main thing is that the wheat from the bread has gone, and so has the cheese.

Tea times… now this is a slightly harder one to tackle.  He is a meat lover. However if you fill the plate with veg and keep reminding them to chew until its liquid then by the time it gets to seconds (in other words getting more meat) they are actually feeling full from dinner and having learnt a little self control he no longer gets more meat.  Its a step in the right direction.

We are not perfect, but we certainly have learnt a lot form this book and there are still more areas we can tackle.  One thing Peter Jackson’s book does remind us of is that you change one thing at a time… that way its not so overwhelming.  As a testimony to the small changes, Ben would say he’s felling a lot better on the inside already 😉

If you live in the UK and would like to be entered in to the hat to have one of the 10 copies I’m giving away then simply send us an email with the subject A toxic Colon plus your name and you will be put in the hat!

All the best


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At GoodnessDirect we sell a huge variety of products for those interested in organic or vegan, healthy or restricted-diet food, and for those who care about eco friendly products too.

If you’re looking for a sample of our most popular products then you can find them listed on our Facebook pages in the Shop section, if you’re after something gluten-free, dairy free or fairtrade or raw, it could well be there.

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There’s such a lot more going on with GoodnessDirect on Facebook – you can make friends with people following a similar lifestyle, you can share tips and recipes, you can find discounts and news and information and competitions and more. So it’s worth joining in.

(There’s even a GoodnessDirect fan page to have a giggle at.)

Win a GoodnessDirect Christmas hamper!

We’re offering a Christmas hamper worth £35 to one lucky winner.

A lovely Christmas hamper could be yours
A lovely Christmas hamper could be yours

Our Christmas hampers are part of GoodnessDirect’s gift wrapping service. It’s simple. Add a hamper to your shopping basket, select the food or toiletries you want in it and then let us know the address of the friend you want to send it to.

I think it’s one of the best gifts you can ever receive… (as one of you is due to discover!)

To be in with a chance of winning this prize we’d like you to ‘Like’ our GoodnessDirect page on Facebook. If you haven’t done so already, clicking on the Like button will get you an automatic £10 off discount and give you a chance of winning the hamper – can’t be bad! (UK addresses only, competition ends 15.12.11)

Good luck.