Amazing low calorie biscuits and gluten free biscuits from Doves Organic

Doves quinoa and fig biscuits
Amazing new biscuits using quinoa and fig

I’m very excited about some new biscuits from Doves organic.

Why? Because they’re experimenting with quinoa and figs for their biscuits and flapjacks.

The result is Chocolate Chip Cookies at only 47 calories a biscuit (which lower than your average digestive!) … and it’s laced with chocolate and honey.

Did I mention that quinoa is a superfood? ‘Cos it is now for me!

They’ve also created some Figgy Flapjacks with whole pieces of luscious fig.

But their genius has taken the organic bakers one inspired step further. They’ve combined the two to make some amazing gluten-free Fig & Quinoa Cookies which are beautifully baked and taste golden. (No chalky, fake biscuit taste here. No nuts, dairy or any other major allergens either.) Rumour has it more quinoa cookie flavours are around the corner…


Pukka’s new organic teas

Pukka is an Indian word.

It means authentic.

An ideal description for a fairtrade purveyor of organic teas.

They’re famous among those who love their tea. But it’s not surprising when they keep turning out such gems.

The latest include:

pukka tea Good Morning Nam Lanh tea from the Vietnamese rainforest. An ‘English Breakfast’ tea from obscure surroundings which Pukka hope to be the best black tea you will ever taste. Picking this deliciously rich tea offers the H’mong and Zhao tribes an alternative to growing opium and a chance to take more control of their lives.

pukka teaPerfect Day combines Nam Lanh tea with full-bodied and sweet ginseng, licorice and maca. Designed to tackle stress and boost energy, this tea is deliciously smooth and sweet with an earthy depth.

pukka teaGorgeous Grey is an earl grey with a hint of lavender. It comes from Dunsandle, an 150 year old tea plantation grown from a single source. The delicate, zesty and floral taste provides the perfect afternoon indulgence!

How to really enjoy quinoa – white, red or black

black quinoa
Black quinoa, the rarest of all quinoa grains

If you’ve tried quinoa and been left thinking…

“Why would anyone eat this mush?”

Think again.

According to the blog VeganGoodEats, we’ve been cooking it wrong. Quinoa can be made to be “a granulated, al dente quinoa that can also be used in any rice or couscous recipe.”

Take a look at the Quinoa 101 webpage for proper cooking instructions.

Of course, quinoa can be an excellent source of protein and fibre for vegans. And BioFair are now able to provide quinoa in four organic, fairtrade varieties:

  • Organic Quinoa Grain – sometimes called ivory quinoa. It is soft and has a mild flavor so it’s great for complimenting other foods.
  • Red Quinoa Grain – stronger in flavour, it takes longer to cook but is also crunchier. But the distinct flavour and appearance make it more suitable for cold salads and other recipes.
  • Black Quinoa Grain – the rarest of the three. It is sweeter and strong in flavour, and also keeps its crunch and colour when cooked.
  • Tri-Colore Quinoa Grain – a fantastic mix of all three.

Fairtrade Easter Gifts from Divine

It seems a lot of chocolate companies are adopting a Spring theme with their Easter Eggs.

Perhaps they realise how tired we are of the cold now?

Divine Easter Egg range
Ethical chocolate from Divine

So, Divine, the fairtrade chocolate company has introduced Bee Shaped Chocolates made with smooth milk chocolate and small pieces of honeycomb crunch.

Bees, of course, are vital to the planet’s eco-system – 70% of the food we eat grows because of them. And they’ve been in the news a lot lately because their numbers are dropping to dangerous levels. In addition to all their worthy chocolate work in Ghana, Divine are now also asking everyone to encourage bees back to Britain by planting wild flowers. They’ve teamed up with to get you a money-off offer this Spring.

Beano Dubble Easter Eggs
With the chocolate egg hunt kit there’s something for everyone

Honeycomb bees isn’t the only Easter chocolate from Divine. Whether it’s dark or milk or white chocolate eggs, little or large, there literally is something for everyone, especially with their Beano Easter Egg Hunt Kit. All, naturally, made from the “best of the best” cocoa and free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives, and suitable for vegetarians.

Take A Step for Fairtrade

This year Fairtrade are inviting you to Go Further in support of small farmers.

Fairtrade Fortnight is Monday 25 February to Sunday 10 March 2013.

You can visit their website and get involved by signing a petition to be taken to 10 Downing Street and then Go Further by using their website to design a virtual model of yourself  to be taken on the Fairtrade protest through London.


We can all make a difference. GoodnessDirect source products from all over the world that are certified with the Fairtrade label and conform to Fairtrade Standards.

By choosing to shop Fairtrade with us you are helping small farmers and workers gain a better chance to work their way out of poverty, through fairer wages, safer conditions at work and a little extra, called the Fairtrade premium, which is invested in projects to improve life for their whole communities.

Most Fairtrade products are from tea, coffee and sugar plantations, but we also are pleased to eco-friendly products, and lots of chocolate.

So I came across this photo… and now I’m drooling!

So I came across this photo…

Coco Cafe and Eat Natural Bar

The Eat Natural bar I know, it’s a great munch for fitness food, but what’s with the Coco Cafe Latte drink?

Well a little reading up determines that this is something I’m going to have to try… The Coco Cafe consists of Natural Coconut Water, 1 shot of strong espresso and a dash of ‘reduced fat’ milk.

Just the thought of it makes me drool. Coffee I can love, but good coffee tinted with coconut starts to get me buzzing in all the right ways. It’s fairtrade too.

They say it’s a sort of healthy pick me up to keep you going with a burst of natural hydration and energy. I say ‘bring it on!’