Some things just seem right in life… like handmade soap

There are some things in life which just seem right.

Such as handmade elderflower & apple soap.

handmade soap
Naturally moisturising Elderflower & Apple Soap

It’s the kind of thing that you could take into the shower and everything would seem right with the world.

Suma’s gorgeous handmade soaps are blended from the finest quality coconut and palm oils and do not contain preservatives. They’re made in such a way to make the soap foam up as a natural moisturiser.

The ethical credentials are hard to beat too. Manufactured locally and suitable for vegans, not tested on animals and blended from the finest quality oils.

Suma make a variety of ‘flavours’ of soap which are worth trying. Get some, and ease your mind as well as your body.

Powerful eco-friendly cleaners will knock out the dirt but not you

Ecover hob cleaner
Ecover oven cleaner carries a powerful punch but won’t knock you out

You’ve finally finished cooking.

But the hob is dirty again!

You want to reach for something close by that will clean it quick. But it has to be powerful too without causing too much fuss or fumes that will knock you out.

Ecover have an eco-spray that will tackle burnt on food and thick grease.

Just because it’s eco-friendly don’t let the plant and mineral formula fool you. The spray packs a powerful punch and will cut through grease like simply and effectively.

Whether it’s ovens or hobs, BBQs or extractor hoods, Ecover Oven & Hob Cleaner is just the power you need without the overwhelming fumes.

Thoughtful household cleaning from Ecover

ecover wipes
Biodegradable household wipes from Ecover

It’s great when manufacturers put real care into cleaning products.

I’ve been reading about Ecover products. What first caught my eye were their washing up liquids, powerful against grease as you’d expect, but adding whey milk to the ingredients for sensitive hands is a touch of genius.

Then there’s the multi-action wipes, which are handy for cleaning all sorts of surfaces with just an antibacterial wipe, but it’s even more clever that the same plant and mineral ingredients that make the tissues mean that you can throw them on the compost pile when you’re done.

Ecover specialise in ecologically sound products with 30 years of care that covers thinking about everything from sensitive skin to the spin off effects of chemicals on aquatic life. They’ve actually got a huge range of household cleaning products which are both economical and eco-friendly.

There are unique products like the only ecological laundry gel on the market or oven cleaners which won’t gas you out when you use them.

Even the fragrances are powered by nature, which is how it should be when you think about it. Tough on dirt while kind to your family and the planet… that’s the Ecover mindset.

Green science puts power in your hands

How would you connect the words ‘green’ and ‘strong’?

Jolly Green Giant? The Incredible Hulk? Celtic Football Club?

How about an oak tree or a crocodile? Perhaps the whole Amazon forest?

Now we’re talking…

Method powerful biodegradable cleaning
Method are onto something good

Method’s household cleaning sprays have always impressed me because they’re designed to be powerful, but everything in them is good for the environment. In fact, pretty much everything in them is made from plants or minerals.

The idea being that the sprays are non-toxic but efficient.

However, how easy is it really to associate the idea of green with power? So Method have been putting their scientific wizardry to use to create what they call a “Powergreen” formulation.

That means their cleaning products are stronger than ever, while remaining kind to the environment and to you. If their amazing just-a-drop laundry liquids are anything to go by then you can trust that Method are on to something good.

Beautiful coral-shaped candles

Beeswax Candle
Beeswax candle made entirely from renewable resources

I remember the first time I learnt about beeswax.

It’s amazing how many uses it has…

Lip balm, polish, crayons, sealant, waterproofing and lubricant to name a few.

But the really interesting thing for me is that burning beeswax candles is believed to ionise the air and rid it of pollutants and so it’s useful to people with skin and breathing sensitivities.

Beeswax also burns very slowly and produces a honeyed scent and, of course, it’s a natural substance straight from mother nature.

Candles Naturally make beautiful coral like beeswax candles with attention to environmental sustainability. The coral structure glows like a lantern while the wax burns down inside, leaving the elegant structure of the shell behind.

True to their environmental instincts they only harvest the wax after the bees have left the hive so that no bees are harmed in the process.

The company makes a lot more besides beeswax candles too, including Coconut Shell Candle with essential oils made from sustainable soy oil, which burns for approximately 40 hours!

Save money with a sponge cloth that does the job of 15 kitchen rolls

How often do you replace your kitchen roll? Once or twice a week?

How about buying a 100% renewable sponge cloth that can replace up to 15 kitchen rolls, and an soak up 20 times its own weight in water?

If You Care, the environmentally friendly household company have developed  a strong, absorbable cloth that you can refresh in a washing machine 300 times.

It is the most effective cleaning cloth available, absorbing liquids quickly and releasing them with a simple wringing. No more throwing away soggy bits of paper towel.

It’s cheap, easy to clean and, because it’s 100% natural, it’s compostable at the end of its life.

If you want to save the pennies, but still want cleaning efficiency in your kitchen this is a great buy.

100% Natural - the most effective cleaning cloth available
100% Natural - the most effective cleaning cloth available

Good Housekeeping Institute rates Ecover’s eco-friendly products

When Spring arrives it will be time to don the marigoldsand get back into Spring Cleaning. It’s a challenge but it’s worth it.

Natural cleaning products that make the grade
Natural cleaning products that make the grade

This week students will be campaigning for a greener way of living, but how does the responsibility of protecting our future partner with the housework?

According to The Good Housekeeping Institute green cleaning need be a chore no more.

The consumer group recently awarded its coveted seal of approval to five of Ecover’s hard-working cleaning products, including their Non Bio Laundry Liquid, their Pomegranate & Lime Washing Up Liquid and their Non Bio Laundry Powder. Products only get the Good Housekeeping Institute stamp when they have passed their Consumer Quality Assessments.

Ecover products are often rated because they are hard working and tough on grime but kind to you, your family and the environment.