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“The health and well being haven; we gather together everything that is good for you.
Delicious foods to help you eat healthily, fitness foods, organic foods, vitamins and herbal remedies, fresh foods, cruelty free toiletries and eco-friendly stuff. If you are on a restricted diet don’t feel left out, we have 1000’s of foods for you, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and other special diets foods.
Shop here and we deliver it to your door.
At GoodnessDirect it’s healthy shopping made easy.”


In the 1970’s, a group of friends with Christian beliefs decided to get together, make flapjack, and pack up whole-foods from bulk, along with some other healthy goodies, and there began the “Goodness” vision.

We first called ourselves “The House of Goodness” and opened a single health food shop.

We soon became a limited company and grew into a chain of 9 health food shops which we named “Goodness Foods”.

Demand for our flapjacks, packed whole-foods and healthy eating products continued to grow and in 1981, we opened “Goodness Foods Wholesale”.

Company Ethics

We have always maintained our Christian ethics, and since our foundation, have all taken the same wages, and continue working life as primarily a close-nit group of friends.

All employees from managers, to fork lift drivers, to packers, all earn the same wage to fulfill a Christian Biblical principal of equality.

Being committed Christians (see our church website) means more than just our Sunday faith – to us it is a way of life and it shapes our company ethics, our dealings with each other, our suppliers, and with you – our customers.

Our ethics cover our product lines that we sell and why we sell them, and it means we deal fairly and justly with everyone.

As a health food wholesaler and retailer of natural products we had a fantastic range and we were constantly being asked to send specific products to the remoter parts of the UK, especially for people on a special or restrictive diet who couldn’t get certain items locally.

As the internet grew in popularity “GoodnessDirect” was born making this service available to everyone everywhere. We closed our retail shops and concentrated on the service you are now familiar with: “GoodnessDirect – Healthy Shopping made easy”.

We enjoy and believe in what we do.

We hope you do too.