Snacking? Here’s a filling healthy option

You know how it is…

When you’ve had your dinner an hour ago, but you’re still hungry.

You really shouldn’t… The chocolate is calling. It’s a choice between that, some yucky leftovers in the fridge or bloating out on a bowl of unnecessary cereal.

Crisp crunchy toasted cereal

Another choice would be to grab a bar or bowl of Eat Natural’s healthy ingredients (they do both healthy cereals and cereal bars).

Taking an ‘allow nothing dodgy’ approach to life, Eat Natural’s latest high fibre creations mix carbs and crunchiness with nuts, seeds and possibly fruit to give you a truly satisfying snack experience.

You gotta love Eat Natural for what they do. Take their Almonds and Apricot cereal for example: lots of sweetness, crunchy toasted oats and a little shredded coconut and honey.

Or sample Brazils and Sultanas with its added pumpkins seeds. There’s even a crunchy fruit-free Nuts and Seeds version featuring a range of almonds, hazelnuts, linseed and sunflower seeds.

The simple rule is, when you’ve gotta snack, give yourself a healthier choice.


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