Trek’s protein flapjacks – for when ordinary flapjacks won’t do

Some people rave about flapjacks. Not me.

Trek protein flapjacks
Extra protein for top performance

Yes, they’re delicious, but for all the talk about helping you feel fuller for longer, I’ve found they only increase my sense of hunger.

So, I’m really interested in these new Trek Protein Flapjacks. Not only do they have the slow release energy of oats, they also combine the fulsome brilliance of soya protein pieces, adding a satisfying crunch to that normally gooey flapjack experience.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that protein always leaves me feeling more satisfied.

With 11-12g of protein per bar, these flapjacks are made with a mix of fruits, oats and nuts, plus soya protein, to keep you going. (So, yes, they’re vegan and gluten free too.) And, of course, you can eat them wherever you like: for breakfast, between meals or out on a hike.

I would suggest you sample the Oat Raisin, but I already did, so why not go for a fruity Morning Berry or the chocolate topped Cocoa Coconut? There’s six flavours to try in total:

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