The latest Kale Crisps from Inspiral

You wouldn’t believe it.

There’s a vegan food made from fruit and vegetables that tastes like you’re munching on M&M’s – raspberry flavour, but looks most of all like a crisp.

Did I also mention that it’s sugar free?

Like all of Inspiral’s kale crisps, this Raspberry Maca flavour is very moreish. But this time, the vegan cafe have come up with something sweet, rather than savoury.

raspberry maca
Tastes like raspbberry sweets, naturally…

Its raw credentials guarantee it’s still very nutritious. Not only is kale one of the most lauded superfoods, the other ingredients, cacao butter and raspberries are also high in antioxidants.  While the maca and coconut palm sugar also bring their own wealth of nutrients to the snack.

Needless to say, I’ve already finished a whole tub of the Raspberry Maca crisps while writing this article…


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