Berry crisps – need to be tasted to be believed

I’ve seen a few brands of fruit crisps, but these are outstanding…

Sports enthusiasts, Rick and James are behind the name Clearly Scrumptious and they have gone all out to bring you something special.

Clearly Scrumptious
From the healthy treat company

Many people have heard about air dried sliced apple crisps, but what about air dried cranberry crisp berries sweetened only with apple juice?

And there’s more Clearly Scrumptious have done the same with strawberries and with golden berries (aka Inca Berry, Physalis, Chinese Lanterns or Cape Gooseberries). Whatever you call them, these fruits are mouthwateringly delicious.

None of these have any added sugar, colours or preservatives and best of all, no sulphites, which you may find in other brands.

After all, if you’re eating fruit crisps you want them to be as natural as possible, don’t you?

Join Rick and James as they give their new food a sprint round the UK (you may even find them fell running at a mountain near you!)


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