New vegan superfood seasonings (salt and pepper seems boring by comparison)

Inspiral seasonings
A whole new vegan angle on seasoning

How do I say this?

Meat-eaters are a tad boring! (I am one…)

The trouble is that meat can dominate our view of food, leading us to forget what other amazing tastes there are out there.

Living with a vegetarian soon reveals how interesting and delicious vegetarian food can be.

It’s not just variety and nutrition available, it’s their innovation too – I get the feeling that being a carnivore is old news…

Inspiral, for example, have been working on new vegan condiments which will spice up a salad or add crunch to roasted foods. Something much more than our usual salt and pepper (and gluten free too).

Their Superfood Salad Sprinkles use kale as their base with all its mineral nutrients and antioxidants, but then takes the seasoning a whole step further…

ThePizzeria‘ version of the sprinkles draw on Italian herbs and a combination of onion and deactivated nutritional yeast to evoke the flavour of pizza. Added to this are the more exotic flavours of baobab, sumac and cashew nut.

Furikake‘ sprinkles stir up Japanese tastes mixing nori seaweed with wheatgrass, sesame seeds and wasabi ingredients.

If you like hot flavours, ‘Mexicana‘ sprinkles are a paprika and chilli medley with purple corn, cumin and garlic.

(As I sit beside my partner with my meat and two veg, I do my best not to feel insecure.)


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