Pukka’s new organic teas

Pukka is an Indian word.

It means authentic.

An ideal description for a fairtrade purveyor of organic teas.

They’re famous among those who love their tea. But it’s not surprising when they keep turning out such gems.

The latest include:

pukka tea Good Morning Nam Lanh tea from the Vietnamese rainforest. An ‘English Breakfast’ tea from obscure surroundings which Pukka hope to be the best black tea you will ever taste. Picking this deliciously rich tea offers the H’mong and Zhao tribes an alternative to growing opium and a chance to take more control of their lives.

pukka teaPerfect Day combines Nam Lanh tea with full-bodied and sweet ginseng, licorice and maca. Designed to tackle stress and boost energy, this tea is deliciously smooth and sweet with an earthy depth.

pukka teaGorgeous Grey is an earl grey with a hint of lavender. It comes from Dunsandle, an 150 year old tea plantation grown from a single source. The delicate, zesty and floral taste provides the perfect afternoon indulgence!


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