How to really enjoy quinoa – white, red or black

black quinoa
Black quinoa, the rarest of all quinoa grains

If you’ve tried quinoa and been left thinking…

“Why would anyone eat this mush?”

Think again.

According to the blog VeganGoodEats, we’ve been cooking it wrong. Quinoa can be made to be “a granulated, al dente quinoa that can also be used in any rice or couscous recipe.”

Take a look at the Quinoa 101 webpage for proper cooking instructions.

Of course, quinoa can be an excellent source of protein and fibre for vegans. And BioFair are now able to provide quinoa in four organic, fairtrade varieties:

  • Organic Quinoa Grain – sometimes called ivory quinoa. It is soft and has a mild flavor so it’s great for complimenting other foods.
  • Red Quinoa Grain – stronger in flavour, it takes longer to cook but is also crunchier. But the distinct flavour and appearance make it more suitable for cold salads and other recipes.
  • Black Quinoa Grain – the rarest of the three. It is sweeter and strong in flavour, and also keeps its crunch and colour when cooked.
  • Tri-Colore Quinoa Grain – a fantastic mix of all three.

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