Vegan hot chocolate flakes from Plamil

Now this is good news!

Plamil, makers of dairy free chocolate, have an exciting new product!

(And I’m not talking about their new sugar free strawberry and banana flavour chocolates!)

They’ve only gone and brought out these gorgeous packs of vegan hot chocolate – and they’ve done it in style…

plamil hot chocolate
Rich and smooth, vegan hot chocolate

Add 6-8 teaspoons of chocolate flakes to some simmering soya milk and you have a luxurious non milk cup of cocoa.

Plamil’s dairy free hot chocolate flakes are exceptional, and not just because of their decadent taste. They’re at least 70% organic cocoa so they taste rich and smooth, but they can also come sweetened with xylitol, which means no added sugar.

The flakes are currently available from GoodnessDirect in four different varieties (all gluten free): organic chocolate, organic mint chocolate, organic chocolate with orange and sugar free chocolate flakes.

Nairn’s Gluten Free Biscuits are here

nairns gluten free biscuits
Perfect for a tasty snack on the go
This is a moment many have been waiting for.

Last year Nairn’s gluten free porridge was getting all the love from the coeliac community.

This year, prepare to rejoice again, as Nairn’s release their gluten free oat biscuits.

Nairn’s are loved because they taste so good. There’s no bad fats or additives in them and they’re suitable for vegans.

You can enjoy their Biscuit Breaks in 2 flavours: Oats & Fruit or Oats & Syrup.

Fry’s meat free Curry Pies – certified ‘Shudda’ (of course…)

curry pie
Fry’s delicious vegetable curry pies

I though I’d let you know about this because it’s interesting.

While taking a look at Fry’s new meat free curry pies, I noticed that as well as being approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies they were also Halaal, Pareve and Shudda certified.

We may be familiar with Halaal which is guidance for the treatment of food with regard to Islam and I know a bit about Pareve, the Jewish term for food made without meat or dairy, but Shudda was new for me.

There isn’t much information on it either, it seems to be popular in South Africa and refers to Hindu vegetarian rules. That being the case, it’s not surprising that Fry’s, a totally vegan brand, and particularly their curry pies, should be labelled such.

I’m not sure if the Shudda label will take off, but it’s fascinating to see how different cultures and religions add their perspective to what we regard as everyday food.

Italian crackers you can be proud of

Beautiful Italian crackers

You can always taste quality.

Organico’s Croccantini are a perfect example.

Literally tiny artisan crackers, these perfect treasures will have you ‘wowing’ from the first bite.

Crisp, pleasant and bristling with flavour, these organic mini flatbreads come in 3 simple flavours: classic, chilli and rosemary.

There’s not much more to say, except…


Could Horcheta be the ultimate free from drink?

I was surprised to see Plamil selling a drink at all,  until I realised what it was…

tigernut horcheta
This milk alternative is rich in vitamins and minerals

Plamil are a free-from company who specialise in vegan chocolate.

And the drink, organic Horchata, fits the bill (almost) entirely. It’s a dairy-free milk alternative which has been popular for centuries in Spain, plus it’s lauded for its health benefits as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Made from tigernuts (a vegetable, no nuts included) the drink has a sweet creamy taste and looks like a glass of golden Jersey milk.

The bottle seems expensive for its size until you realise you can dilute it to make five times as much. But the main thing is it’s delicious and those looking for a gluten free, possibly soya-free and rice free, alternative to milk may well find they hit the jackpot with this.

Horchata already has a bit of a following, so they know what they’re doing these Plamil guys. All that remains is for you to try it out yourself.

Great feedback from our customers

Thank-you for feedback, compliments (and complaints) we get about our products and our service, it’s always good to be in touch!

Thank you for ruining my diet this week 😉
I suddenly seem to have all these new and delicious vegan foods to taste test.
What shall I try next mmmmmm lol

S Roberts 

I received my order on time. However, the bag of linseeds that I had ordered had burst. Just one of those things! I emailed goodnessdirect and received a very speedy and helpful response. In short, I was very pleased with the overall service irrespective of the slightly damaged goods!

A McTaminey

Fantastic company been using it for ages, never one problem… thankyou for 5yrs fantastic service   

P Hornby

First rate every time, very quick delivery, thanks

T G Hall

First class company will definately use you agan & pass info to friends too.

J McLatchie

Good service every time

J Poole

This company never puts a foot wrong. Delighted.

TJ Knight

My needs are simple: go to website; locate product; purchase quickly; receive product quickly. You have provided this service perfectly each time I have bought from you.  Thank you.

S Brown

Great service and products as always – very happy customer

C Drake    

All perfect as always 🙂

J Bednarz

Excellent and efficient service.  I will be using it regularly from now!

L Miller

Delighted with transaction and the products, will order again v soon and hope daughter and sister will be ordering as well. thanks

J Doherty

I find your site very easy to get around  –  there is such a full listing across the top  (Drinks, Fresh, Grocery etc) and down the side Shelf by Shelf.  It’s very clear what the price will be and it’s easy to order items and be able to check the Basket at any time.

You can always find details about the items so that it is easy to compare products from different suppliers before deciding which to order.  Bottles and jars are always very well packed with bubble wrap to prevent breakages  –  have never had trouble with any of yours but some on-line firms aren’t careful enough and soaked boxes don’t please the courier or the customer!  Delivery times are fantastic – often unbelievably quick and no moans if I ask for the box to be left in the porch.  I have never ordered Freezer or Fridge because I don’t know how well they will travel but I think I will try some next time I order.  All-in-all, I can’t find any fault or make any suggestion for improvement, so 11 out of 10!  Well done!

P J Bailey

I love this company; buy for myself with gf diet and my baby gt niece up in the Highlands who has a dairy allergy.  Always able to find something wonderful.

 A S Platt

Superb service – very prompt dispatch

D R Messem

Fab products, arrived quick and well packaged


I love shopping here – great choice, great service. Thanks!

A Mountford

Excellent  service…………really excellent….thanks.

J Dewar

Cola flavoured raisins – that’ll be Nakd

I just made a connection.

Earlier this week I was writing about Trek’s new protein flapjacks.

What I didn’t realise is that the same guys who make these are the ones behind the Nakd brand! (For some reason I thought Trek were American -sorry!)

Nakd bars are enormously popular among the health conscious, with their varied range of flavours such as mocha, ginger bread and apple pie, they have a soft, chewy texture that will fill you up till your next meal.

nakd raisins
Kids love these!

Using only raw ingredients made from a mixture of fruit and various nuts, Nakd bars also have no added sugar or syrup, and the bars are vegan, dairy free and gluten free.

But it doesn’t stop there, Nakd also make fruit flavour infused raisins. There’s lime, pineapple, orange, lemon, cherry and erm, cola!

And believe me, they’re tasty enough to make even the toughest raisin-phobe change their mind.