Take A Step for Fairtrade

This year Fairtrade are inviting you to Go Further in support of small farmers.

Fairtrade Fortnight is Monday 25 February to Sunday 10 March 2013.

You can visit their website and get involved by signing a petition to be taken to 10 Downing Street and then Go Further by using their website to design a virtual model of yourself  to be taken on the Fairtrade protest through London.


We can all make a difference. GoodnessDirect source products from all over the world that are certified with the Fairtrade label and conform to Fairtrade Standards.

By choosing to shop Fairtrade with us you are helping small farmers and workers gain a better chance to work their way out of poverty, through fairer wages, safer conditions at work and a little extra, called the Fairtrade premium, which is invested in projects to improve life for their whole communities.

Most Fairtrade products are from tea, coffee and sugar plantations, but we also are pleased to eco-friendly products, and lots of chocolate.

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