Clearspring’s nutritious snacks – perfect for rambling

goji berry snack
Nutrition in your hand

If you did one of those ‘everything in my bag photos’, what would be in there?

Would there be any snacks?

There definitely would in mine.

I’m the boyscout who never grew up, prepared for all sorts of eventualities that may never happen. So, I always like to have some little snack bars in my bag.

Clearspring’s Organic Roasted Seeds and Soya with Goji Berries are just the kind of thing I like to carry around. Nutritious, tasty and likely to keep me going for a few hours as I find my way out of the urban-jungle.

Goji berries have more vitamin C than an equivalent weight orange and more iron than an equivalent steak so you know you’ve got something healthy in your pocket.

Be prepared and make sure you have your Clearspring snack with you. As it’s Baden Powell’s birthday this week, I’m sure he’d approve.

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