Back once more, a Booja Booja Easter

Booja Booja are a best selling brand at GoodnessDirect. With 57 awards over 14 years it’s not surprising.

Booja Booja Easter
Enjoy a dairy-free Easter

Their vegan and gluten free chocolate truffles may just be the best thing you’ve ever had at Easter.

Booja Booja’s remarkable truffles are lovingly packed into the beautifly hand crafted iconic egg boxes. These gorgeous boxes are individually designed, crafted and painted by hand in Kashmir, giving trade to the now thriving community out there. Each egg is decorated using a traditional Kashmmir pattern. The vibrant colours with iconic gold outlines is stunningly eye-catching and because they are painted by hand each one is totally unique!

The eggs come in large and small sizes with different flavoured chocolate truffles, so here they are:

After Midnight Espresso
Hazelnut Crunch
Stem Ginger
Rum Sozzled Sultana

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