Just had to shout about Fria Bread – if you’re gluten free, you’ll love it

I just wanted to shout about this.

Fria Bread is gluten free and undoubtedly the best range I’ve ever tasted…

Fria bread is gluten free
Read what other people say about Fria bread below…

The bread is made by an award-winning bakery based in Sweden and is the biggest and most successful gluten-free bakery in Scandinavia. It ships all over Europe and is available from GoodnessDirect.

Just check out what other people have to say about their breads, buns, muffins and cakes:

“Oh my, this is wonderful. Had my first bacon sandwich since I was diagnosed coeliac. Tasted as good, if not better than in “normal” bread. Truly delicious.”

“Another truly delicious sliced loaf. Perfect for sandwiches, toast or just on its own. Soft and fresh. Puts other gluten free breads to shame.”

“These are so moorish! A truly delicious nutty, full of flavour bread roll. You simply cannot tell that these are Gluten Free. No gritty, chalky after taste, just fresh soft bread. Can’t believe you can eat these after defrosting. No heating to refresh needed. Fantastic product!”

“What a fabulous bread loaf! Gorgeous flavour, really tasty. You wouldn’t believe this is gluten free. Defrosts quickly and is great with savoury or sweet toppings! Simply delicious.”

“Absolutely delicious. A lovely fresh soft loaf that puts other gluten free breads on the market to shame! It has a real delicate flavour with just the hint of oranges coming through. Lovely for breakfast. Will certainly be buying lots more of this.”

“Oh my, these are one of the most delicious muffins I have ever tasted. You wouldn’t know they were gluten free. Fantastic flavour with just the right amount of cinnamon and apple jam. Soft and fluffy with no gritty feeling that so many gluten free cakes have. Absolutely gorgeous! A generous supply will be going in my freezer!”

“Wow! These are simply delicious! Tastes like a “normal” chocolate muffin. Non of the dry, gritty texture that a lot of gluten free cakes have. Truly a great find. Soft, fresh and yummy!”

“These are simply delicious! Soft and full of flavour. Great used as an open sandwich or delicious on its own with soup. You would never guess these were gluten free. Puts other gluten free brands to shame.”

“Absolutely gorgeous, light and fluffy inside, puts all other freefrom breads to shame.”

“Just delicious, indulgent and so chocolatey.”

“Absolutely stunning product. Wish I found these baguettes years ago. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, just how a baguette should be! Tastes just like “normal” bread. Will be stocking up my freezer with these.”

“I’ve bought these several times for myself and most recently for a Belgian Gluten free friend who felt the lack of them in her newly gluten free diet and they really are a complete treat. They warm beautifully in the microwave to a soft sticky consistency and crisp beautifully in the oven. Frankly I just love everything about them and they taste just like proper cinnamon buns. Five stars all the way!”

“This is gorgeous. Full of delicious flavour. Soft and fresh this is lovely on its own or with a savoury topping. It defrosts quickly so always there when you fancy a quick bite.”

Fria gluten free products are freshly baked then frozen. They can simply be defrosted and are ready to eat with no baking required. You can toast them, spread butter on them and dunk them with no trouble at all. In fact, I’d say, you’d be hard pressed to find a better range of gluten free bakery.

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