For Valentines: 3 Rules for Fertility from fertility expert, Natalie Kringoudis. Rule 3: Sex

We asked fertility expert, Natalie Kringoudis, if she’d pass on her tips for conceiving a baby. She very helpfully wrote back a lot of information on how to tune your body for reproduction.

Natalie comments on the importance of blood flow, and it has been noted that this can be improved through the use of the herbal remedies like Ginseng and Ginkgo

I’m regularly asked ‘What can I do to be more fertile?’

It’s actually one of the main reasons I wrote my ebook – Fertilise Yourself.

There are many things that need to be addressed to gear you toward a healthier, more fertile you.  Here’s the third of 3 key points to have your reproductive organs raring…


How much sex do you need to make a baby? Actually not that much. But how much sex do you need to be healthy?… That’s the million dollar question.

Many patients share their anguish when it comes to ‘baby making sex’. You know the kind? The kind that begins with good intimate intentions but that quickly take a turn toward the “hurry up and get this over with because it’s the third time in three days……  and I’m OVER it” kind.  Yawn.

The biggest mistake I see couples make in the natural fertility game is to confine their timing to what they believe is their ‘ovulatary window.’  This can be a trap for several reasons.

Firstly, we don’t all ovulate at the same time.  Ovulation doesn’t necessarily occur on the 14th day of the cycle.  The timing of ovulation can be quite confusing, which adds complication and explains why many people are missing the timing.

Secondly, limiting the amount of intimate time we spend, limits the amount of exercise our reproductive organs receive.  This means exercising them all month round, in order to increase blood flow to the pelvic cavity and to nourish and condition the reproductive area.

Also by increasing blood flow, we are nourishing the area with all it requires to work best.  If a woman has already ovulated,  intercourse in the later part of the cycle is essential to help feed the growing embryo as it imbeds into the endometrium and feeds off adequate blood supply.

This is especially appropriate for couples going through IVF. The same rules apply in the need for the reproductive organs to be getting all the oxygen and blood supply they can.

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