Help Moo Free make more chocolate!

Moo Free
Moo Free is an award winning dairy free chocolate

I was caught a bit by surprise here.

I’m a big fan of Moo Free chocolate as it’s one of the tastiest dairy-free milk chocolate bars around.

But even I didn’t realise they’d gone and brought out single Mini Moo bars, just like the regular chocolate bars you can buy from a newsagent’s.

There’s 2 varieties so far: a bite sized individual bar of the standard milk chocolate and then another topped with crunchy mint chips.

But there’s something else which has got me concerned…

Apparently Moo Free really need our support to help them continue making chocolate. In order to continue production they need additional machines in order to do so. But funds are tight so they’ve taken out a personal loan for one of the machines, but still desperately need help to fund two more.

To find out details of how you can help visit their Kickstarter fundraising page.

There’s only 3 days left and I’m not sure if they can get all the money in time, but if you love Moo Free and feel you can help them, please contact Moo Free

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