Vegan cheeses – what’s your favourite?

There are so many vegan alternative cheeses out there.

But few do exactly the same as dairy cheese.

Redwood Cheezly Cheddar Slices, for example, are designed to be perfect for melted cheese, but other Cheezly products will be better for cubing, grating or slicing. Bute Island also make a good variety of cheese alternative flavours too.

There again, not every dairy cheese is ideal for grating or melting either…

so, What’s your favourite?

At GoodnessDirect we often receive suggestions of different makes of vegan cheese. Everyone, it seems, has their favourite. What’s yours?

One of the best I’ve heard of is cashew cheese which has a great taste and is great for slicing, melting or spreading. It’s easy to find a recipe to make your own, but for ease of use here’s one from The Food Network UK.

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