Go for a healthy resolution that will last

As New Year’s Resolution’s go, “Floss My Teeth” might not be top of your list…

Beetroot Juice
Beetroot Juice delivers a nitrate boost to the body

Though it doesn’t usually matter as our resolutions don’t tend to last that long, especially when they’re to do with health and fitness.

But, if you really want your fitness resolutions to last, then a little help wouldn’t go amiss.

As Olympic Champion David Weir, the Weir Wolf, testified, beetroot juice gives muscles a nitrate boost and results in less energy wasting. In short it keeps you going for longer.

Beet It Sport is the latest improved version supplying 0.4g of nitrate per 7cl shot – that’s more intense than any beetroot drink so far.

So, if you do want that extra edge for 2013 invest in beetroot. And a Happy New Year.

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