Probably the best erm… ketchup in the world

I may have said this before…

(And… if you’re one of those people who loves adulterating your Christmas meal with ketchup then this is for you!)

My all time favourite ketchup is Mr Organic Ketchup.

mr organic ketchup
Probably the best ketchup in the world…

Why? Because it does exactly what it says on the squeezy bottle!

Mr Organic crams 40 sun ripened organic tomatoes into each bottle and, with a little Italian know-how (and a lot of Italian sunshine), has created a ketchup that tastes fantastic, not too vinegary or synthetic in flavour, but rather an authentic tasting sauce which easily compliments your turkey and stuffing… er, egg and chips. Not to mention, it’s conscientiously made beginning to end, and vegan and gluten free.

How much more can you rave about a bottle of ketchup? Put it on the dining table tomorrow and find out!


Time for Mulled Wine – win a box of mulled spices to keep you warm

Mulled wine
Makes you feel so warm

If you’ve ever been out in the cold and come back to a grog of hot mulled wine you’ll know how special it is.

Nothing makes you feel more warm on the inside.

The drink is really easy to make too, especially if you have a spiced bouquet garni – all you need to do is add the wine (or fruit juice).

We’ve got 3 boxes of Country House Traditional Spice Mix to give away.

To have a chance to win all you need to do is send me your email with your name, address and phone number and I’ll enter your name into the draw. Good luck! (UK Addresses only, competition closes 27.12.12)

Ode to the essence of almonds

Some people can’t get enough almonds.

I’m one of them! Thank goodness they at abound in plenty at Christmas time. Marzipan, stollen, nougat, amaretto, macroons, florentines, almond croissants, sugared almonds! Before chocolate there was almond and it ruled in a slightly healthier way.

Almond milk
For all you almond nuts

So if, like me, you can’t get enough of your almonds, it may interest you to know that Provamel have brought out lunch box size cartons of their organic almond drink. Which means you can literally slurp the stuff anywhere you go. Perfect for vegans, the dairy free and almonstachios like me!

Sweetened with agave syrup and with a touch of malty flavour, Provamel’s almond drink enlivens the senses, cleans the palate, and leaves you with a whole lot of almondy satisfaction.

Almond freaks will understand.

My secret love of health shops

I love health shops.  

The first thing I noticed as a child would be the smell upon entering…

Either an earthy air of wholesomeness or an atmosphere rich with the aroma of exotic dainties.

There was always something new and a little different to try in there.

Nowadays, there are so many new exotic foods to try you’d need a whole warehouse to stock them, which is where comes in! While we’d encourage you to shop local, we actually stock a lot of healthfood shops and it’s still generally cheaper  to order online than pop out in the car.

GoodnessDirect is still replete with new exotic foods. For example, has anyone heard of Inca Berries?

Inca Berries
A supersweet superfood

Inca berries

Another fruit to add to the supefood list, The Inca Berry is sweet to the point of being tart and can be eaten dried or baked into biscuits cakes (or combined with cheese if you’re the adventurous sort). They are, of course, full of antioxidants, high in fiber (more than prunes) and a great source of vitamin B12 – to the point that Inca Berry lovers often report increased energy and mental sharpness.

Inca Berries are just one of many dried fruits packed for retail by Eat Goodness, the Goodness range also includes nuts and exotic flour.

Just the sort of thing you’d expect to find in a good health food shop.

Bessant & Drury dairy free ice cream before… and after

There is a vegan and dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream out there which everyone should try!

Introducing Bessant & Drury’s before….

And Bessant & Drury’s after…

With thanks to Instagramers ambershore27 and aspascia_my_own who had a lot of fun making these photos!

Enthuse the Yuletide spirit with essential oils

If you’re not feeling festive enough yet, you can conjure up the yuletide spirit with the help of a little bottle of essential oils.

Christmas essential oils
It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

I love things that are sensory this time of year, log fires, mulled wine, fine cheeses and a good glass of port!

I better stop before I get carried away!

For all those dreams in the drop of a bottle you could try Aqua Oleum’s evocative blend of frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, cypress, pine, orange and clove bud oils. Just the thing to get you in the mood.

Add it to a homemade freshening spray or candle defuser, your potpourri or rub it into the furniture.

Organic yoghurt just got creamier, with the help of some Guernsey cows

Brown Cow Yoghurts
A superior yoghurt experience

Some things have to be tasted to be believed.

Take Brown Cow organic yoghurt for example…

They make wonderful creamy yoghurt from the superior milk of organic Guernsey cows. The taste is udderly delightful (of course).

Forget your average dairy experience as you indulge in this rich, nutritious yoghurt. It comes in a range of exciting flavours, including butterscotch, grapefruit and pineapple, and my personal favourite: orange, lemon and ginger – there are a dozen flavours to try altogether.

It’s not surprising that the yoghurt has won awards four years in a row.

Because non-homogenised organic milk from Guernsey cows is used you get a rich, live yoghurt, with less than 4% fat and rich in Omega 3 and other trace elements.

And a dreamy dairy yoghurt experience that tastes like heaven.