Enjoy dieting or don’t do it

Dr Karg Crispbread
Eat healthy and eat well

Here’s a tip for starting a diet in 2013.

Do a little physical exercise and EAT FOOD YOU LOVE!

(In moderation of course…)

When you deprive yourself you soon find yourself giving up or, even if you do lose weight, you then compensate by eating all the food you missed and put the weight back on.

A good plan is to stock up on all the healthy foods you enjoy and eat lots more of these, but limit fattening foods to the occasional treat. Make sure you still get a little fibre and calcium too (but not too much) as these are great boosters for weight loss. Other very useful tips include keeping a food diary and joining a slimming group.

When it comes to crispbread

If you’re going to eat crispbread then find one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re eating cardboard.

Dr Karg crispbread is a excellent choice. It’s organic, it tastes great and it comes in a variety of appealing flavours, such as olive and rosemary, emmental cheese and pumpkin seed or  tomato and mozzarella. It also comes in little bite sizes so you can portion it out.

But the taste is fantastic.

You only live once, so if you’re going to diet. Enjoy it!


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