Thoughtful household cleaning from Ecover

ecover wipes
Biodegradable household wipes from Ecover

It’s great when manufacturers put real care into cleaning products.

I’ve been reading about Ecover products. What first caught my eye were their washing up liquids, powerful against grease as you’d expect, but adding whey milk to the ingredients for sensitive hands is a touch of genius.

Then there’s the multi-action wipes, which are handy for cleaning all sorts of surfaces with just an antibacterial wipe, but it’s even more clever that the same plant and mineral ingredients that make the tissues mean that you can throw them on the compost pile when you’re done.

Ecover specialise in ecologically sound products with 30 years of care that covers thinking about everything from sensitive skin to the spin off effects of chemicals on aquatic life. They’ve actually got a huge range of household cleaning products which are both economical and eco-friendly.

There are unique products like the only ecological laundry gel on the market or oven cleaners which won’t gas you out when you use them.

Even the fragrances are powered by nature, which is how it should be when you think about it. Tough on dirt while kind to your family and the planet… that’s the Ecover mindset.

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