Vegetarian food that’s so nutitious, it’s worth shouting about

Some food makers are pretty humble.

Take Tivall, founded on a Kibutz back in the 80s…

Not only have they become one of the world’s leading vegetarian food manufacturers, they let supermarkets rebrand their meat-free schnitzels, frankfurters and nuggets as their own.

Tivall vegetarian sausages
Vegetarian and nutritious

Pretty humble huh?

But all this humility does mean that not as many people have heard about Tivall as should have. They do, after all, invest a lot of research into the nutritional value of their products.

Tivall soya based foods are an excellent source of whole proteins (important for vegetarians) and complex carbohydrates, and contain all the crucial nutrients, vitamins and minerals; plus, as convenience foods, they are quick and easy to prepare. Not only that, they also  have no artificial preservatives or colourings and are made with no hydrogenated fats.

I think that makes all their nutritious vegetarian foods worth shouting about a lot more.


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