Raw bars just got better

Nakd Rhubarb & Custard

Last week I wrote about some new Scottish fruit and oat bars, known to be healthy for their unprocessed ingredients.

nakd are a Welsh company who have been doing it for ages…

The main difference being nakd’s raw ingredients tend to be a mixture of fruit and various nuts.


If there’s any sense of a ‘raw war’ between the two nations then the Welsh have just upped the ante with a new Rhubarb & Custard flavour.

I don’t know about you, but the flavour appeals simply because of my schooldays spent saving up pennies to buy my favourite sweets from the corner shop, especially the hallowed Rhubarb & Custard flavour!

But there’s not one bit of added sugar or syrup here, simply 100% natural ingredients. The bars are vegan, dairy free and gluten free with a soft, chewy texture that will fill you up till your next meal and most likely count towards your 5 a day too.

nakd make lots more flavours too, such as mocha, ginger bread and apple pie, but, if you’re not convinced by my nostalgic excitement over childhood flavours, read this feedback and weep…

“Hi, I’m another person who normally never bothers to write to companies, but I felt compelled to this time. The new Nakd bars are just fantastic. How did you manage to come up with something that tastes even better than chocolate?!!! I’m as far away as you can get from a health food junkie, but given the choice of pretty much any other biscuit, cake or sweet I’d choose one of the new bars every time. The flavours are brilliant. I expected to like one or two but, having tried the sampler pack, I’m happy to say that I love all of them. Thank you!”

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