How would you define a Braw bar? Do you know what braw means?

My first thought when I picked up a Braw bar was, ‘What is it?’

Further inspection revealed it as a new fangled wholefood bar made with fruits and gluten free oats.

Braw Raw Food Bar

But why ‘Braw’?

Because the name Braw reflects the bar’s great originality, being an unusual word itself?

Or perhaps because it’s an all natural Raw snack bar Bursting with fruit and oats?

Or maybe, because the Braw bars are low GI, high in fibre and one of your five-a-day, they’re just the type of thing your need to keep you looking young and braw-ny?

Well, it turns out Braw bars are made in Scotland and braw is a Scots word for ‘very good’. It gets used to mean healthy, good looking and excellent, and the guys behind the Braw bars are a health conscious company with a mission to help people eat guilt free any time, anywhere.

So when you eat good, you look good and feel excellent. Hence ‘braw’.

Instead of eating sugar filled, processed treats, here’s something made with 100% natural ingredients, with slow-release energy and all the healthy enzymes of unheated food.

Enjoy them in strawberry flavour or blackcurrant, cocoa orange or apple and pear.

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