Skincare that aspires to be as natural as your skin

If only all the creams you put on your skin were as natural as your skin itself.

Dermatologically tested pure and natural skincare
Dermatologically tested, pure and natural skincare

We all know that protecting our skin is important, but where do you find a moisturiser that gives your body the respect it deserves?

Ecover’s Mizu range is designed with the balance of your skin in mind, as well as the balance of nature.

Their shower gels, lotions and hand washes achieve a skin-neutral pH and both the contents and the bottles are completely environmentall friendly.

With mild formulas made from plant and mineral based ingredients (and honesty when they’re not) Mizu have set out to provide pure and natural care for your body to keep you and your skin happy and healthy.

PS. “Mizu” is the Japanese for water… makes sense really.

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