Look after your skin with hypoallergenic laundry tools

We all get a rash sometimes, but imagine  not being able to use deodorant, polish, air-freshener and even being cautious of what’s in your washing…

Chemical sensitivity is often overlooked when we think of the allergies that affect people on a daily basis.

But companies like Ecoegg are making in-roads into making life more bearable for those of us who experience such a disabling condition. In particular, they create laundry products, among which their eponym, a curious laundry egg, is the most famous.

Laundry for sensitive skin
Laundry that’s kinder to yyour skin

The Ecoegg replaces washing powder or liquid and you can use it up to 720 times – which amounts to about 3 year’s worth of washing on average! Talk about a money saver…

But perhaps more importantly, it’s hypoallergenic – suitable for sensitive skin and supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society.

It can be used on all clothes, no matter the colour or textile and can even be used at cooler temperatures without the use of harsh chemicals, so it also helps save the environment. And finally, if you’ve heard of Kim Woodburn, celebrity Queen of Clean, from Channel 4’s “How Clean is Your House”, even she’s endorsing it.

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